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EasyAdBucks Paid To Read Email Sends Payments!

Wow over 2000 users! Congratulations to the Bonus Mail Clickers!

In our 2nd week we’ve hit over 2000 users. Keep up the great work everyone. If you just each tell 2 people about EasyAdBucks, we will double in size even time that happens!

More users means more paid emails!

Congratulations to sstrawberry395, hc48, xdaga, njpham, lertel, dglucas & ilal79! Together the bonus mails they clicked were worth $62!

Unfortunately, none of them were upgraded members! So that means they all only earned half.

Make sure to upgrade yourself to Hunter-Gatherer, because you don’t want to click on a Bonus Mail worth up to $100 and only earn 50%!

Also, we’ve processed the redeemed referral orders up to April 10th.

If you’ve placed an order after April 10th, you probably won’t get the order fulfilled until the end of this week, or next week.

Thanks for being a valued member of EasyAdBucks!

Brad Mills, admin & co-owner of EasyAdBucks

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