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Archive for July, 2007

EasyAdBucks Back Up After Hosting Hickup!

EasyAdBucks was down for a day due to a hosting error.

We are back up and giving you a free paid mail for the trouble!

Sorry everyone, we hope to have these hosting issues fixed soon.  We’re getting so much traffic now we’re going to need to move to a new server!

Thanks again everyone and have a great weekend!

Brad, admin & co-owner of EasyAdBucks

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EasyAdBucks Update On Canada Day!

EasyAdBucks has another successful month of referral payouts, bonus mails and happy customers! Keep clicking folks!

Mark Williams and I are celebrating Canada day yesterday and today as we’re Canadians.

Happy 140th Birthday Canada! Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian members!

Thanks guys for all the suggestions and help you give us!

On another note, if you submitted a support ticket, we’re sorry if it takes a couple of days extra to respond to it. I just bought a small house and my fiance and I are doing some renovations on it!

It was built 30 years ago and the carpets just had to go!

That’s me in the main bedroom. There’s lots of dust in the air so I had to make sure to wear a hepa mask while tearing up the carpets…oh and don’t worry, we’re re-painting as well =)

My fiance is loving the progress! She took all the ugly handles off the cupboards & is going to re-paint them. She helped get rid of the carpets and clean up the plywood so we can lay down the new laminate floor she picked out.

So thats a quick update on what I’m doing! So don’t worry if I’m not responding as quick as I have been, or if it takes an extra day to place your ad order - I’m not being lazy, just busy with this house project!

Thanks for being valued members of EasyAdBucks, and keep reading those emails and referring your friends!

Brad, admin & co-owner of EasyAdBucks

P.S. Make sure you check out the Paid To Click & Paid To Signup sections!

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