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Everyone Get as Excited as We Are!

Yesterday I had the chance to see an amazing motivational speaker named Tony Robbins at an event called the Power Within. It was an amazing, almost life changing experience. It has really gotten me excited for the great future I can see for EasyAdBucks.

The conference teaches you how to get yourself even more excited about running a business and loving every minute of it. It teaches you how to unload all the passion that you have for something and turn it into something really special.

Many businesses are alike and sell similar services but the key is coming up with something that makes yours stand out. Top notch quality service, timely actions and passion is what will make EasyAdBucks the best of it’s kind. Stay with me for this wonderful ride we are in for.

Check out our increasing member signups over the last few days!

Feb 24th – 11:00pm – 8422

Feb 25th – 11:00pm – 8451

Feb 26th – 11:00pm – 8567

Feb 27th – 11:00pm – 8710

All of you are doing a great job promoting. Don’t forget if you refer an advertiser and they make a purchase we pay you 10% of that initial purchase as a nice bonus! For more details on this go to the bottom of the Help page.

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Email Issues

First the good news.
We have fixed the slow response time of the confirmation emails for new signups. They should be almost instant now!

All of you have been doing a great job of promoting this site. Yesterday I am happy to report we had almost 5000 visitors and today over 6300 so far! Keep up the great work. We will be working on some more promotional banners for you to use this week.

Now the bad news.
In the process of fixing the slow email response and the migration to a new server our email was down for a good portion of the day and most email that was sent to us today was lost and cannot be recovered.

Everything has been tested and it is working smoothly again.

Please if you submitted any support questions or cashout requests, please resend them and we process them asap.

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A New PTC Website

Mark one of the previous owners of EasyAdBucks has just launched a new PTC website that you will want to check out.


Mark has helped me a lot in running EasyAdBucks so I just wanted to let everyone know that his new site is now up and running. I am sure it will be a success.

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More Great EasyAdBucks News - New Schedule and More!

  • We have upgraded to a new web server that should be every bit as fast if not faster than the last one.

  • We have upgraded what we use for managing email to really improve our own efficiency and the time that it takes us to do our administration work. ex cashouts, email support etc

  • With this added efficiency we have put together a new Schedule that we will follow daily to help achieve our goal of becoming the top PTC site on the net.

    The New Schedule

    We want to be known as one of the top, if not the top PTC site on the net as far as customer service goes. This includes friendly support and timely actions. As a result we have decided on the following improved schedule:

    Payment of Cashouts - We will process these once a day. This means that if you cashout today you get your money the next day! No more waiting a week or a month like on other websites.)

    Advertiser Orders - We will process these 2 times a day. We know advertisers are what makes this site run so we will do our best to process your order within 12 hours!

    Paid to Signups - We will approve and process these once a day. We will go through signups that have been submitted and approve or reject based on the Paid to Signup Guidelines (login is required)

    Member Upgrades - We will process these 2 times a day. We know that once a member upgrades they want to receive their benefits asap so we will have you upgraded within 12 hours.

    Support Questions - We will process and answer these 2 times a day. We know timely support is the key and we are here for you and will respond within 12 hours!

    Advertising Package Redemptions - We will process these 2 times a day. A redemption is just the same as an advertiser order in our book so we will process these every 12 hours.

    Referral Redemptions - We will process these once a day. We are running on a shortage of referrals at the moment but we know this will improve but we need all the members help to keep on promoting us. As this website grows we will all benefit, this I assure you.

  • We have upgraded to a new version of our script to make things more stable. You may have noticed that the PTC and PTS areas were broken for about an hour but this has been fixed again.

We will try to maintain this schedule on weekends as well as holidays because at EasyAdBucks we realize that its not the weekend or a holiday for everyone at the same time!

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Update and Question / Answers About the New EasyAdBucks

We have received a great response on the new design so far!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the compliments. I just wanted to clarify a few
things and give an update.

EasyAdBucks Update

  1. Chris has had to leave EasyAdBucks as an owner but I will still be
    hiring him in areas that he specializes in when the time is needed.
    So once again I, Cory am the sole owner. I promise you I will do all
    in my power to make EasyAdBucks great!

    We may now have a nice new professional look but I would still like
    to get to know all the members well on an individual basis too. I will
    make an effort to write in this Blog more frequently so please check
    back. We will be adding RSS capability soon.

  2. A couple days ago we had to remove Referral Purchase packages
    for the time being. We ran out of quality referrals to sell and did not
    want to sell inactive referrals. We think with our nice new design
    that we will attract many new members and be able to open this up
    again soon. We ask for your help in the promotion.

Questions and Answers

  • Do Free Members still have a cashout fee?
    The answer is NO. We will make that more clear on the website.

  • Hunter Gatherer is gone do I loose my upgraded membership?
    Of course not! We simply changed the name. All Hunter Gatherers
    from before are now Pro Members. We thought the new names are
    less confusing for our members.

  • I used your old banners around the web will they be broken now?
    The answer is NO. We have made sure not to change any of the
    code, names of images or the path to where they sit. We simply
    created new designs. However if anyone does have a concern
    Contact Us and we can look into it for you.

  • The new design looks great but will your service be as good?
    We sure hope so. We will be doing everything in our power to keep
    this site running great. We are working on some high paying
    money making opportunities for you and we will actively be
    advertising ourself to bring in more Advertisers and grow the
    community. We could use your help on this one. You can use
    our new banners to help spread the word.

  • Cory, you are not the founder of EasyAdBucks?
    A member has brought it to my attention that I am truely not the founder
    and should not have “Founder” listed in my email signature. She is right
    I do not want to mislead anyone so I have removed this information.

  • Is the site slower than before?
    One member has expressed concern about the quickness of the
    site. We will look into this and try to speed things up even more. If any
    one notices a particular slow page please Contact Us and let us
    know the details.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep the feedback coming!

Cory Schop
Owner EasyAdBucks

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EasyAdBucks 2.0 is Finally Here!

We have just launched the new EasyAdBucks. We hope you love because we worked really hard
on creating something great. We would love to hear what you think!

This is what you need to GET EXCITED about.

Member Enhancements:

  • Brand new website and blog that looks great and is easy to use and understand.
  • Earn 50% more on Paid to Signup offers! Now 15 cents instead of 10 cents.
  • Better Paid to Click and Paid to Signup areas for a more pleasurable money making experience.
  • High paying feature on the way! We have partnered with a large Advertising Network.
  • No more fees when cashing out. Now you can cash out for $5 as a Pro Member with no cashout fees.
  • Request a Cashout area. We have created a page for members to request cashout.
  • Upgraded members are now Pro Members. We have removed the confusing Hunter Gatherer names.
  • Professional looking banners for you to promote yourself with and gain lots of referrals for maximum profits.
  • Coming Soon: Free videos that teach you how to make the most money.

Advertiser Enhancements:

  • Brand new website and blog that looks great and is easy to use and understand.
  • Buy certain advertising packages with us and receive up to 10,000 Free visitors courtesy of W3Hits.com
  • New 100 Guaranteed Signup package added for a low price of $70!
  • Banner advertising in the footer of our website area have increased and we have reduced the amount of ads showing to 2 resulting a 200% increase that your ad will get clicked.
  • Email packages now offer 50% more clickthru for the same price!
  • We have increased the amount paid to our members for signing up for Guaranteed Signup packages by 50%. We suspect that this will fill your orders faster.

We hope you enjoy the many new Benefits and we promise to keep making EasyAdBucks the top site of it’s kind online. You are part of something special here and remember the more people you refer the more money you make!

If you run into any problems please Contact Us and we will work on fixing them asap.

To your success,

Founder of EasyAdBucks.com

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The New EasyAdBucks - Coming Soon!

Hello everyone!

We know it has been a while since we have blogged but we have good reason. We have
been very hard at work on finishing up the design and integration of EasyAdBucks 2.0!

We have many new things for our members and advertisters including:

1) Total Easy Ad Bucks facelift (a new design!)

2) Rewriting the entire website to make it eaiser to understand and make you more money

3) A new layout for the paid to signups and paid to clicks that is much needed

4) Step-by-step training videos that will increase the amount of money you can earn

5) We are removing all of the processing fees on our payouts

6) Several additional ways to make money that you have never seen before

We are proud to announce that…

Easy Ad Bucks 2.0 will be coming on Feb 18th!

This is a very good time to get extremely excited with the new features, videos, simplicity
and more ways to make money that will come with version 2.0!

To your success,

Cory and Chris.
Founders of EasyAdBucks

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 8.02.2020 23:10 | 14 Comments

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