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EasyAdBucks Member Gets $50 Bonus Mail

EasyAdBucks member thanks us for getting a $50 bonus mail.

We pay you to read email, and we also send bonus mails. So keep clicking, one of these times you may get the bonus mail from EasyAdBucks!

I got this email from a gracious member, it was a very touching letter. Thank you for sending this letter to us, and here it is for everyone to read:

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the recent Bonus Email prize which I won ($50).

All too often in this world people never stop to thank others for the good things and only tend to gripe when things go bad. I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate the prize I won!

I have 2 children — an 18-yr.-old daughter, a student at Texas A&M University; and a 5-yr.-old son, a Kindergartener.

My daughter works 2 part-time jobs while attending university full-time (plus summer semesters). Even so, it’s tough to make ends meet.

All of what I earn clicking goes into my PayPal account and I have given my daughter a debit card for the account. Essentially all of my earnings are used to help keep my daughter fed, clothed, and sheltered while away from home studying.

The Bonus I received was a wonderful surprise for myself and my daughter! It enabled her to purchase a few more groceries than she otherwise would have been able to. She was out shopping at Walmart when I called to let her know about the Bonus.

At that time, she was in between paydays, had $10 left in her bank account, and $20 cash with which to buy groceries. The Bonus came at a very crucial point and consequently meant so very much.

Thank you again! I am telling all my friends about Easy Ad Bucks and hope to see them in my downline soon!

Most Sincerely Yours,

Susan M. D’Agostino

So thanks again for this touching email,

Brad Mills

admin & co-owner of EasyAdBucks

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EasyAdBucks Has New Banners

EasyAdBucks has redesigned banners for members to use!

Take a look at these new banners:

Pretty nice, huh!

Thanks to Design By Doris for putting these together for us.

We encourage users to use these banners to promote your EasyAdBucks referral link online!

If you want to use these banners please login to your EasyAdBucks.com account, then on the left side click Referral Center.

There you will see the banners and the html code to copy and paste to be able to use the banners!

Great job referring everyone, keep it up!

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EasyAdBucks May Head Hunter Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the EasyAdBucks May Advertiser Referral Contest Winners!

Incredibly, the WINNER of the $100 grand prize only referred ONE PERSON to advertise at easy ad bucks.  That person spent $200 on 1 single ad and that made KITTYCAT the grand prize winner of $100.

  1. $100 kittycat (for referring $200 worth of advertising)
  2. $50 captjack81 (for referring $192.53 worth of advertising)
  3. $25 jaiduc (for referring $178.21 worth of advertising)
  4. $10 leela256 (for referring $161 worth of advertising)
  5. $10 zeppelin (for referring $154.50 worth of advertising)
  6. $10 loud1(for referring $134.50 worth of advertising)
  7. $5 kiwib (for referring $78.00 worth of advertising)
  8. $5 nothinggirl (for referring $55.30 worth of advertising)
  9. $5 cmrowland (for referring $4.80 worth of advertising)
  10. $5 nomadant (for referring $3.80 worth of advertising)

So congratulations to the winners of $200 in bonuses for referring advertisers to EasyAdBucks.

I hope that you guys are paying attention.  What this means is anyone can take the grand prize this month.

$200 in advertising referrals is nothing!  If you know someone who buys leads for a network marketing company, they probably spend $200 a week on advertising.

Tell them to come to EasyAdBucks and give us a shot - and your friend will get great advertising and you will get 10% commission on their order PLUS take the grand prize of an extra $100 for referring them!

Guys this is ANYBODY’S GAME.

Not many people are actively referring advertisers, so someone can just refer a couple of users in their downline to come and advertise here and you’d win a good chunk of change with barely any competition.

I mean look at even the 9th and 10th place finishes.  They earned under $1 in advertiser referral bonuses, but then still walked away with $5 extra because nobody is competing.

Just a hint =)  For those of you who want to make some extra cash this month, you can EASILY win the Advertiser Referral Contest simply by referring just 1 or 2 people to advertise at EasyAdBucks. 

Have a great day and happy referring!

Brad, admin & co-owner of EasyAdBucks

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