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Advertising Packages

Prices Have Been REDUCED by as Much as 40%! and now 100% Clickthru on Email Ads.

Are you a member of an online business? Do you buy expensive 'leads'? Do you have your own website? Are you looking for a way to get traffic to your site? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have something for you. Below is a full listing of all our advertising packages.

Contact Us for any custom targeted ad campaigns you may have.

Note: When you purchase a package with a Bonus these visitors are provided by in the form of global visitors that will see the website you advertise as a fullsize popunder window. Click Here to learn more.

Paid To Click
Get UNIQUE VISITORS. These ads can be text or banner ads. Minimum view time is 10 or 30 seconds.

Email Advertising
We have a large membership of double opt-in subscribers who look forward to receiving your email.

Guaranteed Global: We guarantee 100% clickthru for these packages. Emails are sent to global members. Minimum view time is 30 seconds. Contact us for specific country selections.

Guaranteed USA & Canada: We guarantee 100% clickthru for these packages. Emails are sent to USA & Canada users only. Minimum view time is 30 seconds.

Paid To Signup
Great way to get guaranteed Pre-Enrollees or leads for your business. Please only submit websites that are free to sign up for.

Banner Impressions Advertising
Your 468X60 banner inserted into the footer of each page of EasyAdBucks until it reaches the desired number of impressions. We'll help format the banner for you if you don't have the proper size.

Partner Advertising Services

Many companies that sell traffic charge up to 50% more than W3Hits. W3Hits provides quality traffic at the most affordable price in the industry.

Note: Contact us at [email protected] or phone us for custom targeted ads

Huge Commissions 3 Levels Deep
Earn 15 Cents Per Website Signup!
Earn 1/2 Cent For Each Email Read!
Low $10 Minimum Cashout
We Get Referrals For You, FREE!
Earn 25% More for PTC and PTR
10,000 FREE Banner Impressions
Low One Time Fee. FREE Email Ad

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Advertiser Testimonials

"I have found that the only way to go when it comes to email marketing, is to use a real-time high quality lead source, like EasyAdBucks. Wasting money on cheap leads & saturated sources just gets you accused of spam and in trouble with your email provider. I would rather have 10 quality opt-in leads than 1000 cheap leads!"

- Timothy Martin -

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