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Advertising Prices Reduced AGAIN. Up to 40% This Time!

As we mentioned before changes were coming and here is the first set. We think this will benefit members and advertisers equally and are happy with our decision to reduce our prices.

We are reducing our advertising prices by as much as 40% to stay competitive and get more ads into the system for the members. Also we realize that a lot of members themselves buy advertising so cutting costs for you is our way of saying thanks for being a member of EasyAdBucks.

Members Note: In order to make the new prices possible we had to reduce the amount paid to members on emails to 1/2 a cent. We know this sounds discouraging but we feel that with the reduced prices we will get more than double the previous amount of orders making it actually better for you!

Advertisers Note: Paid Emails now have 100% clickthru where before it was only 50% and on top of that prices have been cut drastically.

We have now reached the limit. Prices cannot go any lower so what better time to start promoting your other programs using EAB then now! Also as a result of these changes we expect our member base to grow faster further increasing the amount of members that will see your ad.

New Pricing Summary

Paid To Click
Package New Price Price Reduced By
100 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $2 33%
500 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $10 23%
1000 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $19 27%
2500 Clicks, 30 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 3000 Visits $49 27%
5000 Clicks, 30 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 5000 Visits $99 26%
1000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $2 33%
2500 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $5 29%
5000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $10 33%
10000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $19 34%
25000 Clicks, 10 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 4000 Visits $52 28%
50000 Clicks, 10 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 6000 Visits $104 28%
Paid To Signup
Package New Price Price Reduced By
100 Guaranteed Signups $49 30%
75 Guaranteed Signups $37 26%
30 Guaranteed Signups $18 28%
10 Guaranteed Signups $7 30%
5 Guaranteed Signups $5 20%
Paid To Read Emails
Package New Price Price Reduced By
500 Global Emails $5 37%
1000 Global Emails $10 33%
2500 Global Emails $24 31%
5000 Global Emails + BONUS 5000 Visits $48 30%
10000 Global Emails + BONUS 7000 Visits $96 30%
25000 Global Emails + BONUS 9000 Visits $240 29%
500 North America Only Emails $6 40%
1000 North America Only Emails $12 37%
2500 North America Only Emails $28 38%
5000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 5000 Visits $56 37%
10000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 8000 Visits $112 37%
25000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 10000 Visits $280 30%
468 x 60 Banner Advertising
Package New Price Price Reduced By
468X60 Footer Banner - 10,000 Impressions $3 25%
468X60 Footer Banner - 25,000 Impressions $9 10%
468X60 Footer Banner - 40,000 Impressions $14 12%
468X60 Footer Banner - 75,000 Impressions $25 14%
468X60 Footer Banner - 100,000 Impressions + BONUS $29 13%

If you are interested in advertising just Click Here to get started.

Email Advertising, EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 17.08.2020 18:18 | 1 Comment

Contest Winners - July 2008

50 FREE Referral Member Contest
The winners from last month are in. Ralph Wheeler (readingwackydog) from Chicago Illinois was the winner of our July 2008 referral contest. Congratulations you have won 50 referrals!

200,000 Advertiser Banner Impressions
The winner of our Advertiser banner advertising package (valued at $66) was: Vince Delfin (vinju89) from Ohio. Congratulations Vince you have won 200,000 free banner impressions.

We will be in touch with each of the winners shortly to award your prizes.

If you are confused as to what these contests are you should read more about the 50 Free Referral Member Contest and the 200,000 Banner Impressions Advertiser Contest

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News, EasyAdBucks Referral Contest | 12.08.2020 22:23 | 1 Comment

Tough Times Call for New Strategies

There is no easy or good way to say this. EasyAdBucks has been going through some tough times recently and it is our own fault. I will be the first to admit that when I came on as the owner of EasyAdBucks I did not know the first thing about the PTC and PTR industry and I still am learning. We made a huge mistake with your downline percentages. They were set to 100% which is far above the industry norm of 20%. It’s great for members but not so great for us. It also leave a lot of new members that are familiar with PTC sites confused because they are wondering how can that be possible.

WE ARE NOT GIVING UP THOUGH. We still see great potential in the EasyAdBucks community and we believe we can put this train back on track!

Tonight I had a great chat with some very well educated people in this industry, from MarketingPond. It’s a great site if you have never checked it out before. They have pointed out a number of things we can do to improve this site. With that said there will be some major changes coming in the next while, now that I have a better understanding of what makes a site like this work. Some of the changes you may not like but in the long run it will be best for everyone.

One of the first things we learned was that a downline total should not be more than 15 - 20% Effective immediately is a new, properly structured 3 level downline of 15% 8% 2%.

As a result of bringing the downline percentage down we can in turn bring our ad package pricing WAY down and this in turn will allow for more ads and more earnings for members and great advertising rates for advertisers.

We just wanted to give you the heads up and will be announcing the new pricing this week along with some other changes.

Email Advertising, EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 6.08.2020 2:51 | No Comments

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