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EasyAdBucks Has New Owners

Hi members. As the title states EasyAdBucks has been sold to a great new owner that has the resources to take this site to a level I did not. Although I did give the site a great new look I will be the first to admit that the site has not progressed a whole lot since I have taken over as owner.

I did keep things running smoothly, responded to all the email requests that were received and made sure cashouts were delivered on time as best I could, however my knowledge of the pay to click pay to read industry was lacking. Also I did not have access to a programmer that could further enhance the site.

In short I think that this was is the right time for me to pass the site onto a new owner. I made sure to have selected the right candidate of course. I am pleased to announce that Donald Kubelka will be taking over EasyAdBucks.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I wish you all the best with your future online ventures. Happy ad clicking and email reading!

Cory Schop

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 11.06.2020 0:48 | 42 Comments

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