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Archive for September, 2007

Sept 6th 07 Update

Many of the issues and back logs have been fixed. The site seems to be running smooth with the new live support feature. Anyone who has not added it can add [email protected] to MSN for any questions or comments you may have. I have also noticed a lot of members submitting paid sign up offers wrong. Please read the instructions with each offer. You join the website’s of your choice through the paid to sign up offers and then copy and paste the conformation email you receive in the box below the add you clicked for the offer. We are having a lot of people saying “sign me up” or just putting there email address, which they will not be credited for. I’m also checking with the advertisers to make sure the members are not using fake information. Please use your real information if you are going to sign up! I also get a lot of emails regarding lack of emails. When an advertiser sends an email most times they are targeted so some members are getting more then others. To help you make money when there are a lack of emails coming your way sign into easyadbucks.com and check out are paid to click and paid to sign up section where there is a lot of ads!

PS Anyone who submitted a support question in August that has not been answered please re submit it and I’ll have it answered with 24 hours!

Mark Williams Co-Owner of Easyadbucks.com

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