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EasyAdBucks on Facebook and Twitter

You can find EasyAdBucks profiles on Facebook and on Twitter now.

For those of you that are using Facebook we encourage you to become a fan of our group and for those of you using Twitter to follow us.

We feel these new profiles bring some great additions to EasyAdBucks.


  • On Facebook you can become a fan and meet others that are fans (members of EasyAdBucks too) There is a discussion forum so until we get our main forum completed this is a great place to meet other EAB members. Facebook allows you to have a picture on your profile so we can get a more personal community feel when interacting with other members too.
  • When you become a Fan of EasyAdBucks on Facebook all your friends will see that you joined and some might become members of EasyAdBucks too. This is good for everyone using EasyAdBucks. The more exposure there is the more advertisers will use our services resulting in more emails and PTC, signups for our members.
  • Another cool thing about Facebook is that it allows us to communicate with up to 5000 people at once, so whenever we have anything important to tell you we can get it to you. For example if we hear about a really effective new way to make money from home then you will be the first ones to know.


  • Twitter is a great tool for staying up to date with what is going on. EasyAdBucks will be posting live updates to our Twitter feed whenever we are doing work so you might see an update like “Working on awarding payouts for our members” or “Assigning referrals”. If you follow us on Twitter you will always be in the loop about what’s going on. Also Twitter will allow you to communicate directly with us easily and we can communicate to a wide range of people all at once similar to Facebook. Whenever we hear about new ways to make money online you will be the first to know about it.

We hope you like these new additions and enjoy using Facebook and Twitter as much as us.

With that we leave you with a couple questions: What do you like most about Facebook and what do you like most about Twitter?

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 29.06.2020 17:10 | 1 Comment

Pro Members and Randomly Assigned Referrals

Over the last week we have been heavily promoting EasyAdBucks.

As a result we received over 150 additional referrals that went into the system and have been assigned randomly to our Pro Members. This will continue strong for the weeks to come.

We had a number of emails that expressed concern about the random referral assignments so we just wanted to clarify how the system works.

The EasyAdBucks Pro Member Random Referral System

  • When new members signup on EasyAdBucks (that do not get referred to EasyAdBucks via another members referral link) these members get distributed at random between our Pro Members.
  • That goes without saying that the more traffic EasyAdBucks is is getting and the more buzz about it around the web, the more people find EasyAdBucks and signup.
  • Over the last while this has slowed down but we want to pick it back up again. To get things rolling as mentioned we have been actively promoting the site in various locations without a referral link.
  • So then what happens all these new signups get distributed out at random to anyone that is a Pro Member.

This is only one of the many great benefits upgraded members of EasyAdBucks get. To read more about the others you can Click Here.

EasyAdBucks News | 28.06.2020 22:54 | No Comments

50 Referral Contest Gets Even Better!

Every active member of EasyAdBucks now qualifies each month to win our 50 Referrals Give Away Contest. Provided that you are a member and actively using the website during the month of the draw, you are entered into this contest. We randomly draw 1 lucky member at the end of the month as the winner for that month.

Previously members had to install some free software to qualify but we have gotten rid of this and opened the contest up to ALL active members.

To define active we will say that you need to login and use EasyAdBucks a couple times a week. We understand that not all people can be active daily so we feel that twice a week is fair.

We hope you like this refined rule. We feel that it will be better for both EasyAdBucks and it’s members.

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks Referral Contest | 22.06.2020 19:26 | 4 Comments

Contest Winners - May 2008

I know this is a little late but better now than never right? After being sick so long I had a lot of catching up to do. Junes winner will be awarded on time, I promise.

50 Free Referral Contest
In May there were a little over 600 members that qualified for this draw.

We are proud to announce that the winner for May is Mike Sammons from the USA!

Important Notice We are changing the contest requirements and making it even better so stay tuned for a detailed update very soon.

Advertiser Contest - 200,000 Banner Impressions
The winner of our advertiser contest was Kevin Fitzgerald also residing in the USA.!

Once again a big congratulations to both winners and we will be contacting you shortly.

Email Advertising, EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 20.06.2020 16:09 | No Comments

Advertising Prices Reduced as Much as 30%!

The Start of GREAT Things to Come
There was some great feedback over the last while that made us really evaluate our pricing. It was too high for the current market and the economy so we have lowered prices by as much as 30%.. WOW! We feel this will bring in more advertisers and in turn make our members more happy because it seems that paid emails are what you want most.

We will rely on our strong upgrade Pro package to make up for this additional income loss. We need your help to get the word out there though. So if you are promoting other sites like EAB then feel free to start advertising with us. At these unbeatable prices you have no reason not to. Please help spread the news. To keep this site running and keep making it better requires teamwork and all you members, you are all part of the EasyAdBucks team, and we thank you for that!

New Pricing Summary

Paid To Click
Package New Price Price Reduced By
100 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $3 11%
500 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $13 16%
1000 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $26 16%
2500 Clicks, 30 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 3000 Visits $67 13%
5000 Clicks, 30 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 5000 Visits $134 13%
1000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $3 11%
2500 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $7 17%
5000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $15 11%
10000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $29 14%
25000 Clicks, 10 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 4000 Visits $72 15%
50000 Clicks, 10 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 6000 Visits $144 15%
Paid To Read Emails
Package New Price Price Reduced By
500 Global Emails $8 20%
1000 Global Emails $15 25%
2500 Global Emails $35 30%
5000 Global Emails + BONUS 5000 Visits $69 31%
10000 Global Emails + BONUS 7000 Visits $138 27%
25000 Global Emails + BONUS 9000 Visits $339 24%
500 North America Only Emails $10 16%
1000 North America Only Emails $19 17%
2500 North America Only Emails $45 19%
5000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 5000 Visits $89 19%
10000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 8000 Visits $178 15%
25000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 10000 Visits $399 20%
468 x 60 Banner Advertising
Package New Price Price Reduced By
486X60 Footer Banner - 10,000 Impressions $4 20%
486X60 Footer Banner - 25,000 Impressions $10 16%
486X60 Footer Banner - 40,000 Impressions $16 15%
486X60 Footer Banner - 75,000 Impressions $29 16%
486X60 Footer Banner - 100,000 Impressions + BONUS $33 17%

*Note: Paid to signup package prices have remained the same.

If you are interested in advertising just Click Here to get started.

More exciting news to come this week. Please comment. We love to hear from you. What do you think of these new prices?

Email Advertising, Paid To Read Email, EasyAdBucks News, Paid To Click, Paid To Signup | 18.06.2020 15:53 | 4 Comments

June Update

Changes Are Coming
As some of you may know I was pretty sick but the good news is I am better now. I have moved into a new office over the weekend and ready to get creative and get things rolling with EasyAdBucks. I know it is time for some changes so I will be evaluating things this week. Always good changes that is, like lower pricing potentially and getting more referrals into the system to award to hard working Pro Members. Expect some announcements coming shortly.

For those of you that have upgraded recently I haven’t started your free email campaigns just yet because I needed to figure out how to deal with the Expired Email problem. They will come shortly though.

Thanks everyone for sticking with us!

EasyAdBucks News | 9.06.2020 16:08 | No Comments

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