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Advertising Prices Reduced as Much as 30%!

The Start of GREAT Things to Come
There was some great feedback over the last while that made us really evaluate our pricing. It was too high for the current market and the economy so we have lowered prices by as much as 30%.. WOW! We feel this will bring in more advertisers and in turn make our members more happy because it seems that paid emails are what you want most.

We will rely on our strong upgrade Pro package to make up for this additional income loss. We need your help to get the word out there though. So if you are promoting other sites like EAB then feel free to start advertising with us. At these unbeatable prices you have no reason not to. Please help spread the news. To keep this site running and keep making it better requires teamwork and all you members, you are all part of the EasyAdBucks team, and we thank you for that!

New Pricing Summary

Paid To Click
Package New Price Price Reduced By
100 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $3 11%
500 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $13 16%
1000 Clicks, 30 Second Guaranteed Visits $26 16%
2500 Clicks, 30 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 3000 Visits $67 13%
5000 Clicks, 30 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 5000 Visits $134 13%
1000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $3 11%
2500 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $7 17%
5000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $15 11%
10000 Clicks, 10 Second Guaranteed Visits $29 14%
25000 Clicks, 10 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 4000 Visits $72 15%
50000 Clicks, 10 Sec Guaranteed Visits + BONUS 6000 Visits $144 15%
Paid To Read Emails
Package New Price Price Reduced By
500 Global Emails $8 20%
1000 Global Emails $15 25%
2500 Global Emails $35 30%
5000 Global Emails + BONUS 5000 Visits $69 31%
10000 Global Emails + BONUS 7000 Visits $138 27%
25000 Global Emails + BONUS 9000 Visits $339 24%
500 North America Only Emails $10 16%
1000 North America Only Emails $19 17%
2500 North America Only Emails $45 19%
5000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 5000 Visits $89 19%
10000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 8000 Visits $178 15%
25000 North America Only Emails + BONUS 10000 Visits $399 20%
468 x 60 Banner Advertising
Package New Price Price Reduced By
486X60 Footer Banner - 10,000 Impressions $4 20%
486X60 Footer Banner - 25,000 Impressions $10 16%
486X60 Footer Banner - 40,000 Impressions $16 15%
486X60 Footer Banner - 75,000 Impressions $29 16%
486X60 Footer Banner - 100,000 Impressions + BONUS $33 17%

*Note: Paid to signup package prices have remained the same.

If you are interested in advertising just Click Here to get started.

More exciting news to come this week. Please comment. We love to hear from you. What do you think of these new prices?

Email Advertising, Paid To Read Email, EasyAdBucks News, Paid To Click, Paid To Signup | 18.06.2020 15:53 | 4 Comments

June Update

Changes Are Coming
As some of you may know I was pretty sick but the good news is I am better now. I have moved into a new office over the weekend and ready to get creative and get things rolling with EasyAdBucks. I know it is time for some changes so I will be evaluating things this week. Always good changes that is, like lower pricing potentially and getting more referrals into the system to award to hard working Pro Members. Expect some announcements coming shortly.

For those of you that have upgraded recently I haven’t started your free email campaigns just yet because I needed to figure out how to deal with the Expired Email problem. They will come shortly though.

Thanks everyone for sticking with us!

EasyAdBucks News | 9.06.2020 16:08 | No Comments

Expired Emails Response

This is in response to the Expired Emails posting.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Where to start. Well first of all with a 100 email campaign that means that only 50 members have to click because we offer 50% click thru. With 11,000 members you can see how this could go very quickly.

I assure you that my intent to award a 100 email campaign to upgraded members was supposed to be a positive thing but I can see that it is not working.

All sites like EAB are going through a hard time at the moment getting advertisers. This is why I have added in so many paid to click banners to try and balance things out. Paid to read email ad packages have not been selling much lately. I thought that offering a paid email package as part of the upgrade would be good because there would be more emails to click on.

With that said I think I will remove it since it causes more frustration than good. We will keep trying to get advertisers and I will be getting creative and thinking of new ways to keep growing this site.

In all fairness I think I have done a lot for this site and I am trying my best and I ask that you stick with us as I continue to try and make things better.

If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them.

Paid To Read Email, EasyAdBucks News | 27.05.2020 1:22 | 13 Comments

I Have Been Very Sick

I know I haven’t posted here in a while and fell behind on the support emails but I have been very sick since the last day of my vacation and the doctor tells me I wont start feeling better for another 4 to 5 days. I am well enough now to be back on the computer so I will get caught up.

I went through and approved all the paid to signups today and will answer emails, assign the contest winners their prizes, award referral purchases and start ad purchases tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I was just not well enough to be at the computer.

EasyAdBucks News | 27.05.2020 1:11 | 6 Comments

Contest Winners - April 2008

It’s that time again to give some good news. We have selected the 50 Referral winner for last month as well as our first time Advertiser Banner Impressions winner.

50 Free Referral Contest
Again another successful month. This month there were 468 members that qualified for the draw.

The proud winner is Lars Moberg from Sweden!
Be sure to enter the contest for May if you are not already entered. Click Here to learn more.

Advertiser Contest - 200,000 Banner Impressions
This was our first month for this prize and I am proud to announce that Sampson Bannis from the UK is the winner!

Don’t miss out on this great $80 value. All you need to do is advertise with us to qualify! Click Here to learn more.

Congratulations Winners! We will be contacting each of you shortly.

On Vacation
One last thing is I am going to Mexico tomorrow on vacation for 2 weeks but I will make it a point to keep things running smooth here. There may be a slight delay in support emails and approvals of paid to signups. I just wanted to give you all the heads up. I will get to the requests in 2 - 3 days at worst case but I am pretty sure I do have high speed internet in my room there so lets keep our fingers crossed.

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 5.05.2020 12:11 | 3 Comments

Expired Emails

Hi everyone sorry that you haven’t heard from me recently on here. I had a bad flu for about a week but that is gone now.

Expired Emails
There has been a great response to the additional Pro Member benefits that were added earlier this month but there has been a lot of emails coming in about Expired emails. You are seeing expired emails because as part of the upgrade to a Pro Member there is a custom email package. This package is 100 emails, which is very small and these clicks go very fast, hence the expired message. There is nothing that we can do about it this you just need to be one of the first to check the email.

April Referral Contest and Advertiser Contest
The end of the month is near. We will be announcing this months referral winner soon and advertisers we will be announcing who won the advertising contest this month as well so stay tuned for this announcement within the next couple days.

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 30.04.2020 18:27 | 20 Comments

Pro Member Upgrades - 300% Better

We know this has been long overdue but we think our AWESOME new benefits should make up for it when you upgrade to our Pro Membership. This is easily worth 3 TIMES or MORE than the $20 lifetime fee. Why the heck are we giving away so much? That is simple, we know that if members do not feel they are getting their value they will go elsewhere and we want to keep you actively using EasyAdBucks forever. This is all part of our goal to make EasyAdBucks one of the best if not the best ptr sites on the web! Help us make that goal a reality.

New Pro Membership Benefits

  • Earn 25% MORE for your Paid to Read Emails and Paid to Click section!

  • Get 4500 Points that can be used to redeem for 10,000 Banner Impressions at the bottom of our website.

  • 100 Member Email Advertising Package. Promote any website (within reason) by sending an email to 100 members with 50% clickthu.

  • DOUBLE Your Chances of winning the 50 referrals that are given away each month for life!

  • A Lifetime Text Link that will appear on the side of this blog. It can link to any website you want (within reason). This is a great way to get some referrals through other PTC sites you may already be part of.

You also still get the old benefits of a member upgrade.

Old Pro Membership Benefits

  • FREE Referrals get assigned to you automatically. Your referral ID will be randomly assigned to Members and Advertisers that join without a referrer!

  • CASHOUT at $5 instead of $10.

All these great benefits for only $20. Upgrade today. We accept Paypal, Moneybookers and Alertpay

Details - Important, Please Read
We will contact all members that have became Pro Members in 2008. Any member that upgraded to (what used to be called a Hunter Gatherer) can contact us and if we see that they have been active in the last 2 months (Feb and March 2008) we will add all these benefits. If they have not been active in the last 2 months (Feb and March 2008) we will require an additional $15 payment.

Anyone have comments? Is this a step in the right direction?

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News, Free To Join | 17.04.2020 21:52 | 4 Comments

10,000 Members and $100 Blog Winner

10,000 Members
EasyAdBucks has passed the 10,000 member mark. Thank you to all the members out there! Let’s see if the journey to 20,000 will be even faster.

$100 Blog Winner
The EasyAdBucks $100 Best Blog Giveaway has come to an end. We had about 10 entries (we were a little disappointed not to see more though)

We have reviewed all 10 carefully and we have selected the winner.

Everyone please give a great big congratulations to Chris Padgett for his blog which can be found here:


We want to thank everyone for their great submissions.

If we were to do this again in the future what could we do differently that would attract more people to enter the contest? We thought $100 was a nice price amount so we figure maybe most people are not sure how to go about blogging or we made it too complex? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 11.04.2020 13:43 | 3 Comments

3 Big Announcements

  1. 1 Year Anniversary
  2. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of EasyAdBucks in operation. We want to say a big thank you to all the loyal members that have stuck with this site over the last year and we welcome all the new members. Let’s make all the years to come even better! Who is with me?

  3. 50 Referral Contest Winner
  4. Today we held the draw for March’s 50 free referrals. We had 312 people that were part of this draw. Lets aim to double this for April’s draw.

    The proud winner is OBeth Pasanda from Indonesia. Congratulations we will be assigning your 50 referrals to your account shortly.

  5. NEW Advertiser Contest. - 200,000 Banner Impressions
  6. Due to the success for the member referral contest we are announcing a monthly contest for advertisers as well. We will draw each month and 1 lucky winner will win a prize of 200,000 Footer Banner Impressions. This is an $80 value.

    So how does it work?
    For every $1 you spend towards advertising you get 1 entry into the monthly draw. For all those advertisers that bought advertising from us in March we will be adding your entries to the draw this month. So essentially the more advertising you do with EasyAdBucks the better chance of winning. We plan to increase the prize value over time if our advertising increases.

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News, EasyAdBucks Referral Contest | 1.04.2020 21:40 | 6 Comments

EasyAdBucks Update

I hope everyone that celebrates easter had a great holiday. I was away visiting family and friends and had very limited internet connection while away. I’m now back at my office and getting back to the schedule that was put in place. There has been a delay in the paid to signup approvals but we just finished approving those now.

Referral Draw
There are still a few more days before we draw for the 50 FREE REFERRALS so if you have not yet entered you can Enter Here.
We have had a huge response to this and had many entries. Don’t forget that this contest is forever and you only have to enter once to qualify to win every month!

Blog Contest
There have been some blog entries submitted but not as many as we were expecting. The prize for this is $100 so be sure to check out the details and submit your entry soon. April 10th is the deadline. You can read all about the blog contest here.

The first month running EasyAdBucks the focus was on the redesign of the site and making it more user friendly for the thousands of members. This month we were focusing on researching new and better ways to make our members money and working to put in place some partnerships. The goal for April is to put these things in place and add more paid to click ads, more emails and more paid to signups. We know that we need more but there is only so much we can do at a time. So I am just telling you that we are aware we need more and it will be coming in April.

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 29.03.2020 16:04 | 6 Comments

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