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Pro Members and Randomly Assigned Referrals

Over the last week we have been heavily promoting EasyAdBucks.

As a result we received over 150 additional referrals that went into the system and have been assigned randomly to our Pro Members. This will continue strong for the weeks to come.

We had a number of emails that expressed concern about the random referral assignments so we just wanted to clarify how the system works.

The EasyAdBucks Pro Member Random Referral System

  • When new members signup on EasyAdBucks (that do not get referred to EasyAdBucks via another members referral link) these members get distributed at random between our Pro Members.
  • That goes without saying that the more traffic EasyAdBucks is is getting and the more buzz about it around the web, the more people find EasyAdBucks and signup.
  • Over the last while this has slowed down but we want to pick it back up again. To get things rolling as mentioned we have been actively promoting the site in various locations without a referral link.
  • So then what happens all these new signups get distributed out at random to anyone that is a Pro Member.

This is only one of the many great benefits upgraded members of EasyAdBucks get. To read more about the others you can Click Here.

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