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3 Big Announcements

  1. 1 Year Anniversary
  2. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of EasyAdBucks in operation. We want to say a big thank you to all the loyal members that have stuck with this site over the last year and we welcome all the new members. Let’s make all the years to come even better! Who is with me?

  3. 50 Referral Contest Winner
  4. Today we held the draw for March’s 50 free referrals. We had 312 people that were part of this draw. Lets aim to double this for April’s draw.

    The proud winner is OBeth Pasanda from Indonesia. Congratulations we will be assigning your 50 referrals to your account shortly.

  5. NEW Advertiser Contest. - 200,000 Banner Impressions
  6. Due to the success for the member referral contest we are announcing a monthly contest for advertisers as well. We will draw each month and 1 lucky winner will win a prize of 200,000 Footer Banner Impressions. This is an $80 value.

    So how does it work?
    For every $1 you spend towards advertising you get 1 entry into the monthly draw. For all those advertisers that bought advertising from us in March we will be adding your entries to the draw this month. So essentially the more advertising you do with EasyAdBucks the better chance of winning. We plan to increase the prize value over time if our advertising increases.

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6 Comments on “3 Big Announcements”

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Charalampos Kapetanios

Happy Anniversary EasyAdBucks and congratulations OBeth for winning the contest!

Also congratulations to the admin for the new Advertiser Contest!

2.04.2020 10:08

scott burton

Hey, I really like what you’ve done with the place. looks a lot more professional than the old site. Keep up the good work.

2.04.2020 14:44


Happy Anniversary

2.04.2020 16:45

Debra Smith ID-dsmith)

Congrats!!! Happy B Day.

Your Loyal Member

2.04.2020 16:56


happy b-day easy ad bucks. i’m a new member and would love to be here for the next b-day…..this site is great…can see potentinals in the future to come….keep up the great work alll….

5.04.2020 14:54


Happy Anniversary Easyadbucks, I am a proud member since the very beginning.
Keep up the great work

7.04.2020 15:53

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