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EasyAdBucks 2.0 is Finally Here!

We have just launched the new EasyAdBucks. We hope you love because we worked really hard
on creating something great. We would love to hear what you think!

This is what you need to GET EXCITED about.

Member Enhancements:

  • Brand new website and blog that looks great and is easy to use and understand.
  • Earn 50% more on Paid to Signup offers! Now 15 cents instead of 10 cents.
  • Better Paid to Click and Paid to Signup areas for a more pleasurable money making experience.
  • High paying feature on the way! We have partnered with a large Advertising Network.
  • No more fees when cashing out. Now you can cash out for $5 as a Pro Member with no cashout fees.
  • Request a Cashout area. We have created a page for members to request cashout.
  • Upgraded members are now Pro Members. We have removed the confusing Hunter Gatherer names.
  • Professional looking banners for you to promote yourself with and gain lots of referrals for maximum profits.
  • Coming Soon: Free videos that teach you how to make the most money.

Advertiser Enhancements:

  • Brand new website and blog that looks great and is easy to use and understand.
  • Buy certain advertising packages with us and receive up to 10,000 Free visitors courtesy of W3Hits.com
  • New 100 Guaranteed Signup package added for a low price of $70!
  • Banner advertising in the footer of our website area have increased and we have reduced the amount of ads showing to 2 resulting a 200% increase that your ad will get clicked.
  • Email packages now offer 50% more clickthru for the same price!
  • We have increased the amount paid to our members for signing up for Guaranteed Signup packages by 50%. We suspect that this will fill your orders faster.

We hope you enjoy the many new Benefits and we promise to keep making EasyAdBucks the top site of it’s kind online. You are part of something special here and remember the more people you refer the more money you make!

If you run into any problems please Contact Us and we will work on fixing them asap.

To your success,

Founder of EasyAdBucks.com

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11 Comments on “EasyAdBucks 2.0 is Finally Here!”

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Wow…I like what you do with easyadbucks…I’m sure easyadbucks 2.0 will be #1 in the markets

19.02.2020 1:54


That’s cool admin

19.02.2020 6:23

Harry Foresman Sr

remain’s to be seen, as it is too early to tell since you just released it
remember troy thought the wooden horse looked good also

and we all know what happened there,
so time will tell!

19.02.2020 7:55

Harry Foresman Sr

well i checked it out, all the thing’s you said are true,
but there is one thing you didn’t say, that is also true

the response time has taken a beaten in the process
i know have to wait where i did not have before

it look’s very nice, but i still liked the old better
just my two cent’s worth
maybe it will just take som geting use too

all in all look’s very nice.

19.02.2020 8:10


New site design looks nice.. but I sure do hope that the site will really stay and deliver its promises… that’s what really matters to all of us members. Thanks!

19.02.2020 8:18

siv elise

this was fun for me to see. have been waiting for something to happend here, since almost all ads are gone.

i will defently start referring friends here now.

i hope also we will get more to click on now.

19.02.2020 9:57

Sandy Mather


I love the new website. Really crisp and clean looking. I found all that ‘Hunter Gatherer stuff really confusing I must say.

I look forward to discovering what is going on here now.



19.02.2020 13:51


looks good, hope we get tons more emails

19.02.2020 14:20

Tammy Williams

Nice design. Looks professional! Good luck with the success of the site!

19.02.2020 15:36

cynthia opdyke

like the new look. hope we get more emails. thanks.

20.02.2020 20:07

Stephen Saunders

WOW what an improvement, what a WONDERFUL improvement. No offense to the former owner but this site was just in dreadfully pitiful shape.

21.02.2020 4:30

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