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1st Annual Easyadbucks.com Christmas Charity Donation.

Hello members. I had personally planned on donating money to a local charity this year. But I would love to do it with all of you. What I am thinking of doing is using a freebie site (no credit card required) and completing free offers to make this goal a reality.

Its very simple all you would have to do to help is join at http://www.zerodollardeal.com/?referral=6844 Create a free account and complete free offers in till you reached 25 Points.

My goal is $1000 to give to http://www.turkeyclub.org/ they are a non profit organization that helps feed hungry family’s at Christmas (everyone needs a turkey at x-mas!)

Any member who completes the offers and gets 25 Points will get a FREE upgraded membership At Easyadbucks.com and there name on the card I we will be giving them Dec 14th.

If your too busy to complete offers but are still interested in helping out with a great cause please email me at [email protected] (Title Turkey) if your interested in making a donation, you will also get your name on the card and with donations of $10.00 or more will also get a FREE upgrade.

*full photo proof and screen shots of the event will be taken and posted on Easyadbucks!

Mark Williams

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