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I Have Been Very Sick

I know I haven’t posted here in a while and fell behind on the support emails but I have been very sick since the last day of my vacation and the doctor tells me I wont start feeling better for another 4 to 5 days. I am well enough now to be back on the computer so I will get caught up.

I went through and approved all the paid to signups today and will answer emails, assign the contest winners their prizes, award referral purchases and start ad purchases tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I was just not well enough to be at the computer.

EasyAdBucks News | 27.05.2020 1:11 |

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Deb C

Hi Cory
Hope you are feeling better. I wanted to comment because I personally feel you are doing a great job with this site. I recently wanted to advertise and you literally “help my hand” to get just the right advertisment in place. I know I’ll advertise with you again. And to think you did all this when ill says alot about your commitment to this site. I want others to know this is a really great site to make money and/or to advertise!


29.05.2020 23:09


Hi Cory,

Thank you very much for my recent payout! To all members who wonder if/when they will get paid from EAB, this is for YOU!!

I submitted my payout request while Cory was on vacation with the thought of hopefully being one of the first in line for payout upon his return from vacation. To my surprise, I received my payout in less than 24 hours after requesting it…and while Cory was on vacation.

If that doesn’t show dedication, I don’t know what does. Most folks don’t even think about work while on vacation, much less do anything.

Thanks again Cory!


5.06.2020 19:37


Didn’t anyone tell you that you aren’t supposed to get sick on the last day of vacation????? I’m glad you are taking care of the site, but take care of yourself! If you aren’t well and end up getting sicker….I don’t even want to think about it! Take care and may you heal fast!

5.06.2020 22:27


Get well soon. Yes take care of yourself first.

6.06.2020 1:20


I have been very busy this few days and no time to have fun here. Sorry for this.

7.06.2020 7:18


Hope you’re soon feeling better. Take care of yourself.

8.06.2020 16:42

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