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Expired Emails Response

This is in response to the Expired Emails posting.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Where to start. Well first of all with a 100 email campaign that means that only 50 members have to click because we offer 50% click thru. With 11,000 members you can see how this could go very quickly.

I assure you that my intent to award a 100 email campaign to upgraded members was supposed to be a positive thing but I can see that it is not working.

All sites like EAB are going through a hard time at the moment getting advertisers. This is why I have added in so many paid to click banners to try and balance things out. Paid to read email ad packages have not been selling much lately. I thought that offering a paid email package as part of the upgrade would be good because there would be more emails to click on.

With that said I think I will remove it since it causes more frustration than good. We will keep trying to get advertisers and I will be getting creative and thinking of new ways to keep growing this site.

In all fairness I think I have done a lot for this site and I am trying my best and I ask that you stick with us as I continue to try and make things better.

If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them.

Paid To Read Email, EasyAdBucks News | 27.05.2020 1:22 |

13 Comments on “Expired Emails Response”

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Sorry to learn that you are not well, and wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thanks for listening to all the feedback, and for trying to do something about the current situation. Doubt if you can please all members, but they sure can’t fault you for not listening/trying!

All the best!

27.05.2020 7:04

Deb C

I had also wondered about the “expired” emails and one night I noticed you had a “blog” (which the previous owners didn’t have) and there I read that you had an advertising “package” that gave 100 free emails. Well, given how low that number is (but certainly great for the person advertising) it made sense to me why I was getting “expired” emails. I have NO complaints because you have lots and lots of “paid to click” advertising and I agree, paid to read emails seem to be “phasing out” and not just with your site but with tons of sites!! I myself have advertised with you and I get more “bang for the buck” with “clicking Ads” for my site then sending out emails. ALL the major sites are like this!! I make money on your site everyday so to those who are “wondering”……Sign up!! You won’t be dissapointed!!

Thanks Cory for your hard work!
Deb C

29.05.2020 23:20

Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

Thanks for the kind regards both of you. I do try my best.

After speaking with mark the former owner of EAB I think I have a solution that will work and will allow us to keep the 100 email package for Pro Member upgrades so that’s win win.

Essentially what I will do is instead of sending it out to all the members we will send it out to about double or triple (so in this case 200 or 300) members. There will still be some expired emails but this way we will send to 300 random members and this will give you a better chance of not seeing that expired page. I’ll be trying this and seeing how it works.



29.05.2020 23:50


No worries, Cory!

And I think the new solution is great! It’s along the line of what I had suggested in my previous comment - to shuffle those batches of members who get to receive the notification emails, so that everyone has a fair chance at it.

Thanks again for listening, and all the best for EAB and all your endeavours!

30.05.2020 15:53



what about this:

advertisers can order points.

1 point equals 1 email.

you give him a balance of 1000 points.

with this he can send out 1000 emails.

they are valid for lets say 7 days.

you send out this emails to 1000 users.

after this 7 days 75% of the mails are confirmed/proven.

you give the advertiser 250 points back on his balance

the advertiser can use this points again, as long since all 1000 bought
points are used up.

hope you get me

thats how it is working with german paidmailers

x% are

5.06.2020 15:51


please don’t make it too complicated, why not do it like linkgrand, so much views purchased - so much views received … and all are happy. Forget this expired emails crap.

5.06.2020 16:23


I have been with EAB since the beginning and you are doing a wonderful job with the site. Even under the previous owners there were some expired email ads so I have no problems with them. It should be encouraging that they go quickly. It means the members are active and I don’t see how that could be a bad thing. You are doing the best you can during the down time of the year and it is still much better than many other sites! I do like the idea of randomly sending the ads out. You have a good head on your shoulders and don’t let the few complainers get in the way of the many loyal EAB members who understand your position and know that there will be down times.
Keep up the good work!

5.06.2020 22:23


I always assumed when I clicked thru I was to late anyways and that they were a number of clicks required. So the expired links did not bother me as I was just not fast enough. LOL
Keep up the great work.

6.06.2020 1:17

Christine Chipman

Hi, Cory

Firstly, I’m sorry that you have been so ill. My prayers are with you at this time. I hope you are very soon back to full health again.

Secondly, regarding the expired email ads, this is a problem for people like me over in Australia, because more often than not by the time I click on the ad all the clicks have been used up. If you could send it to less people it would be a lot fairer, because then I may get a chance to get to click on some email ads.

Have a wonderful day.


6.06.2020 5:02


We do need a solution but I don’t think sending the email ads to random people is going to keep this site going. As much as we’d all love 1 cent email ads, some of us aren’t catching ads at all so it’s pointless. I think the ad packages need to be changed and the prices need to come down. Our economy is hurting and so is the PTR/PTC industry. There are PTR/PTC sites out there that are getting along just fine with lower valued ad packages. We also need to remember that it’s not just advertisers that keep a site going, it’s the members too. I know I can’t afford to purchase ads at the prices they are here and I’m sure I’m not alone. We need to get EAB hopping but keep it sustainable. I’d rather have 0.1-0.25 cent ads than to see 1 cent ads here and there that are expired. That’s just my 2 cents.

P.S. I hope you feel better real soon.

6.06.2020 10:59

Vic Christie

You are a star.
You sent my bonus email out a few hours ago.
Although the allocated clicks were depleted very quickly, I received 13 signups for the program that I promoted which is fantastic.
I reccommend this type of advertising to anyone.

9.06.2020 15:31

Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

Vic: That is awesome. That’s what we like to hear

Thomas: Interesting proposal. For now we will be working with the current system. Making changes like you are proposing can get very costly but I will evaluate your option.

Kris, Kat: Thanks for the support. I really am trying my best, I hope it does show. I know I can’t please everyone but hopefully the majority like how this site is run.

KatMix: I agree and I will be evaluating things this week to become more competitive for advertisers.

9.06.2020 16:13

Walace clark

Hope you are get well soon ….heres to a spedy recovery…….keep up the good work …..glen

16.06.2020 2:49

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