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Update and Question / Answers About the New EasyAdBucks

We have received a great response on the new design so far!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the compliments. I just wanted to clarify a few
things and give an update.

EasyAdBucks Update

  1. Chris has had to leave EasyAdBucks as an owner but I will still be
    hiring him in areas that he specializes in when the time is needed.
    So once again I, Cory am the sole owner. I promise you I will do all
    in my power to make EasyAdBucks great!

    We may now have a nice new professional look but I would still like
    to get to know all the members well on an individual basis too. I will
    make an effort to write in this Blog more frequently so please check
    back. We will be adding RSS capability soon.

  2. A couple days ago we had to remove Referral Purchase packages
    for the time being. We ran out of quality referrals to sell and did not
    want to sell inactive referrals. We think with our nice new design
    that we will attract many new members and be able to open this up
    again soon. We ask for your help in the promotion.

Questions and Answers

  • Do Free Members still have a cashout fee?
    The answer is NO. We will make that more clear on the website.

  • Hunter Gatherer is gone do I loose my upgraded membership?
    Of course not! We simply changed the name. All Hunter Gatherers
    from before are now Pro Members. We thought the new names are
    less confusing for our members.

  • I used your old banners around the web will they be broken now?
    The answer is NO. We have made sure not to change any of the
    code, names of images or the path to where they sit. We simply
    created new designs. However if anyone does have a concern
    Contact Us and we can look into it for you.

  • The new design looks great but will your service be as good?
    We sure hope so. We will be doing everything in our power to keep
    this site running great. We are working on some high paying
    money making opportunities for you and we will actively be
    advertising ourself to bring in more Advertisers and grow the
    community. We could use your help on this one. You can use
    our new banners to help spread the word.

  • Cory, you are not the founder of EasyAdBucks?
    A member has brought it to my attention that I am truely not the founder
    and should not have “Founder” listed in my email signature. She is right
    I do not want to mislead anyone so I have removed this information.

  • Is the site slower than before?
    One member has expressed concern about the quickness of the
    site. We will look into this and try to speed things up even more. If any
    one notices a particular slow page please Contact Us and let us
    know the details.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep the feedback coming!

Cory Schop
Owner EasyAdBucks

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I appreciate your efforts to bring the new design up. I sure will do some promoting now as well.

20.02.2020 18:48

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