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Refer People To EasyAdBucks & Earn More!

EasyAdBucks is setup with a referral system which allows you to refer friends and family to join EasyAdBucks.  Doing so lets you earn up to 200% of what ALL of your referrals earn.

If you get even a few referrals, it could add up to a lot of money in the long run.

Not everyone knows how to refer friends & family to EasyAdBucks - so here’s a step by step guide to referring people.

  1. go to http://www.easyadbucks.com
  2. Click on ‘Hunter Login’ at the top & login
  3. Click on ‘Referral Center’ in the left menu
  4. Go to where it says ‘URL’, there should be a box with a link in it.
  5. The link should look like this “http://www.easyadbucks.com/pages/index.php?refid=username”
  6. Copy & Paste that link to friends & family, or places online where you advertise.

We have a lot of members who are actively referring, and they are making a lot of money from their referrals.

So make sure you take advantage of this awesome feature of EasyAdBucks, get as many people as you can to join up!

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10 Comments on “Refer People To EasyAdBucks & Earn More!”

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Easyadbucks becomes easieradbucks with referrals! New slogan maybe?

25.05.2020 21:24

Black Lynx Fillmore

Oh my God, AMO… I LOVE THAT..

That should so be used.

26.05.2020 0:31


Haha great slogan. Put that up.

26.05.2020 2:52


great idea
everyone should do that

26.05.2020 5:11


I havae not understood how can I refer to my family members having
same ISP
same multiuser computor
having different email ids
different pay pal a/c
does it not go against one member one household rule that you apply
will it also not give rise to cheating by multiple use of one computor
kindly guide the guide lines are not clesr
In my household the computor is used by atleast ten membrs at on ISP how can they become members of easy adbucks .com
thanks regards
[email protected]

26.05.2020 8:54

good for member

keep that in mind.

26.05.2020 13:21

Can a family member join with same IP address?

Actually family members who are always using PC to work are those that we can easily recommend, but when I read the Terms, it is always stated that you cannot use the same IP address. Nowadays, most connections are broadband wireless or networking what one line can be use be few computers, which means that my sister would have a Desktop of her own but using line/IP, and my brother have a wireless Laptop when log in will be track under same IP also.

Even in offices, friends are using Laptop using the same Broadband wireless connection which means, same IP address also so not entitle to join. Example, if 5 friends using wireless broadband laptop staying in a Hotel or why their is broadband wireless connection service and want to register such program during their free time ,they can’t as it would be track with the same IP and this is not cheating as mention by the cheat-proof tracking.

That’s why when I read T & C of some PTC Programs or other programs setting such Terms, it is quite ridiculous as this is the new decade and Internet connections are very convenient as a lot of places are having wireless Broadband connections.

Well, just some points to share as we very much like to refer family members and everybody if possible.

Easybuck is a good program. It’s just that there are not much ads to click.

Thank you and God Bless..

26.05.2020 14:19

Denise Agin

I’m trying, but it’s not going as fast as I’d like.

31.05.2020 22:06


Any advice on how to promote this type of program? I dont have much knowledge of these types and in the past my efforts were not rewarded.

4.06.2020 14:32


well taken point.we have wi-fi in outr area with one isp number how to join beacause one registeration at th;is IP would make other registsrations iinvalid and would invite abuse or cheating clause as paer their terms of serfvice in this era or wireless broad band the condition appears not only rediculous but very very primitiveI am connecated with an engineering collegege whic has 5000 computors working under one ISPS In India there are many such acolleges gone wireless broad b and in their campus including hostels with every; student havin his/her own laptop in addition to the computors that the college has in their l abs now how to dealsuch a situation
can any o ne solve this problem
[email protected]

13.06.2020 5:50

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