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The New EasyAdBucks - Coming Soon!

Hello everyone!

We know it has been a while since we have blogged but we have good reason. We have
been very hard at work on finishing up the design and integration of EasyAdBucks 2.0!

We have many new things for our members and advertisters including:

1) Total Easy Ad Bucks facelift (a new design!)

2) Rewriting the entire website to make it eaiser to understand and make you more money

3) A new layout for the paid to signups and paid to clicks that is much needed

4) Step-by-step training videos that will increase the amount of money you can earn

5) We are removing all of the processing fees on our payouts

6) Several additional ways to make money that you have never seen before

We are proud to announce that…

Easy Ad Bucks 2.0 will be coming on Feb 18th!

This is a very good time to get extremely excited with the new features, videos, simplicity
and more ways to make money that will come with version 2.0!

To your success,

Cory and Chris.
Founders of EasyAdBucks

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 8.02.2020 23:10 |

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Aaron Wakling

I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Aaron Wakling

8.02.2020 23:22


Looking forward to all the new changes. MaryAnn

9.02.2020 20:11


Fantastic news! Can’t wait to see it - thanks

10.02.2020 15:22


Looking foward to all the new goodies :o)

12.02.2020 11:54

Deb C

This sounds VERY promising!!!

15.02.2020 23:52


hope we will see some more offers to spent our points.
already upgraded for 20.000 points but what to do with the rest?

looking forward to see whats coming up!


16.02.2020 16:43


Thomas good point. We are evaluating the use of different options for points.
We just update the design and we are not done there. More updates coming in
the near future.

19.02.2020 3:52


The new site looks good, way more professional than the old one. Keep up the fantastic job.

19.02.2020 4:30

Note to Admin

Cory & Chris:

The following (with some editing) was recently posted in another portion of the blog, but not responded to; though I noticed you did respond to another member’s post in that same area after this was posted. Regardless, I’ve re-posted here, hoping for a response.

I recently noticed the following at the bottom of paid emails:

“To Your Success,

Cory & Chris
Founders of EasyAdBucks.com”

While a nice and polite closing, ultimately you need to use a different word in place of the word “Founders” since Mark & Brad are the true “Founders” of this site.

Might I suggest one of the following?:

“New Owners”, “Owners”, “Co-Owners”, “Webmasters”, “Program Owners”, etc.

I realize at your age (yes, I know I sound like your Mother, and yes, I am old enough to be your Mother) “Founders” may look and/or sound impressive — especially to your friends — but the reality is that it is not true, and consequently is illegal, not to mention misleading.

I know you want this site to succeed based on your enthusiastic plans for the future of EAB. I want to see you succeed too. Best to start out on the right foot so that Members do not question your trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity.

Thanks for dropping in and posting the update for Members. It was a long time in between since your last post on January 7, 2020 — some 5+ weeks ago. Thanks!


P.S. Love the new design! Also, there is a word missing on the Member page in the “Latest News” paragraph:

“…We hope you love because we…”

You should probably insert the word “it” between the words “love” and “because”.

Just a thought……….

19.02.2020 6:09


Susan; The only reason I didn’t respond because i wasn’t sure if you wanted it as a public post. Your title “Note to Admin” threw me off a little.

With that said You are right about the “Founder” title in my most recent post I have cleared that up.

As for not showing much activity on here I was really busy with the new site and ended up with an even greater workload when Chris left as an owner. In order to meet my promise of Feb 18th launch I had to work like a work horse, but we did it! Also just in my defense I did post in Feb. I think there were 2 posts since Jan 7th

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.

Cory Schop
Owner EasyAdBucks.com

19.02.2020 17:17

Rae McEwen

Wow, the new site looks great. Keep up the good work.
Cheers, Rae

20.02.2020 20:57

Note to Admin


Thanks for your reply — here & by email. I’ll reply to your email separately. Sorry, I had missed your other post in Feb. (my bad!). I do understand the delay in communication though, as your “work-horse” efforts are quite apparent!

It seems I recall some mention of an upcoming forum. If not, oh well. If so, I’ll be looking forward to that because blogs (Please correct me if I’m wrong — or just don’t know where to find the links) don’t appear to have anywhere to set Preferences (e.g., receiving a notification email when someone responds to your post). Also with a forum, it doesn’t matter which thread you post in, you’ll still receive notification (so long as you’ve set your Preferences for that). Consequently there’s little or no chance of missing someone’s post.

Sorry about Chris leaving, but I guess better sooner than later — more money for you! As for keeping the feedback coming, I’ll be happy to. Meanwhile, please do fix the typo mentioned in my last post! Twenty-three years as a professional proofreader/editor in advertising causes these things to pop out at me whether I like it or not. I’ll help you out with things like that as I notice them — I feel it can only help the site to look more professional.


21.02.2020 7:45

cynthia opdyke


21.02.2020 20:10


Your new look website looks much better than your old one.
I wish to congratulate you on it.
Previously I redeemed 1450 points for 1 referral.
Is it possible to reinstate this feature?

24.02.2020 3:39

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