Frequently Asked Advertiser Questions


Account Questions:

I have a Member Account & An Advertiser Account, how do I login to my Member Account?
You have to logout of your advertiser account first, and then login to your member account. Otherwise you'll get a message saying you're not allowed access.

We usually do not allow more than 1 account per computer, but the exception is having a member account and an advertiser account.

We understand there may be special circumstances, so if you have any specific quetsions, run it by the support staff and we'll let you know if it's ok!

How can I cancel my Advertiser account?
You'll have to send us a support ticket using the Contact Us page.

How can I cancel receiving messages?
You shouldn't be receiving paid mail at your advertiser account. If you are, you may have both an advertiser account and a member account. To cancel your Member account, login to it and go to the Profile page and at the bottom you can cancel that membership.

If you would like to stop receiving messages about EasyAdBucks advertising specials, you'll have to Contact Us.

I live outside the US, can I advertise and/or join?
You bet! In fact, the owners are Canadian! We welcome all international advertisers!

I have Web-TV, can I join too?
What a wierd question!

The answer, however, is yes. For some reason, most websites will not allow WEB-TV users to join.

We welcome WEB-TV users. Our efficient tracking method allows WEB-TV users full earning privileges.

Earnings Questions:

How much do you pay members for every email I send out?
Most Paid To Read companies only pay a very small portion, if any, to the members. We pay 1 cent per mail, plus 5 levels of commission on each piece of mail you pay for. Then we also select a random winner which can be worth up to $100.

These amounts change frequently, so we cannot give an exact amount for each mail, but it is a significant portion.

Referral Questions:

Can I refer other Advertisers?
You may refer other advertisers, but you need to have a member account with us to do that. When you get your member account, which is free, you will earn 10% of the ad spend of any advertiser you refer to us!

Or you could always just give us a call and let us know that you refered someone, give us their username, and we'll verify it with them and give you credit manually!

You may place a link with your referral url to on your website.

You may add your referral url to your email signature.

You may user the banners we provide for you for online advertising to help build your network.

You can give out flyers or advertise in any way you wish except for Spamming.

We take SPAMMING very serious, and if you are caught spamming it could mean immediate termination of your membership and forfeit of all earnings.

We are understand when it comes to spam complaints and we will consult with you and give you a chance to prove that you weren't spamming before we take any action.

If you are no good at referring Members or Advertisers, consider paying for the Hunter-Gatherer membership. It's only $20 and will build your network for you. Ask the support staff if you have any questions on how to upgrade to a Hunter-Gatherer membership.

What is my referral link?
Your personal referral link can be found on your personal "Referral links" page of your Member account.

What can I earn through referrals of other members?
Free Hunters will earn from 5 levels of referrals
Level 1 = 60%, Level 2 = 20%, Level 3 = 10%, Level 4 = 5%, Level 5 = 5%

Hunter-Gatherers will earn an extra 10% from 5 levels of referrals.

To qualify to receive earnings from your downline, you must login at least once every 15 days and click on at least 10% of the ads we send out.

Advertising Questions:

I have a website I would like to advertise, where can I find information on your different programs and costs?
Visit our advertisers section of the website for complete details, or give us a call at 1-888-257-1890.

I have questions not answered on this FAQ page, what can I do?
Contact Us and supply as much information as possible so we can solve the problem in a timely manner.

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