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EasyAdBucks Has New Owners

Hi members. As the title states EasyAdBucks has been sold to a great new owner that has the resources to take this site to a level I did not. Although I did give the site a great new look I will be the first to admit that the site has not progressed a whole lot since I have taken over as owner.

I did keep things running smoothly, responded to all the email requests that were received and made sure cashouts were delivered on time as best I could, however my knowledge of the pay to click pay to read industry was lacking. Also I did not have access to a programmer that could further enhance the site.

In short I think that this was is the right time for me to pass the site onto a new owner. I made sure to have selected the right candidate of course. I am pleased to announce that Donald Kubelka will be taking over EasyAdBucks.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I wish you all the best with your future online ventures. Happy ad clicking and email reading!

Cory Schop

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 11.06.2020 0:48 |

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Welcome and good luck>

11.06.2020 4:51

Judit Wyberal

Dear Admin and the new Admin,

I hope you (the new) will be as correct as your “forefather”!
(Just now I’m waiting for my payout!)

So, good luck for you (and the previous owner) and me (too)!

Best regards both of you!!!
Judit Wyberal
(as wjutka)

11.06.2020 7:13

Vic Christie

It is sad to see you ago
It was pleasure having you as an owner.
Thank you for being so honest.
There are so many honest owners in the PTC Industry.


11.06.2020 8:14


hate to see you go. you did a great job. hope to work with you again in future thanks

11.06.2020 9:42


Well adios and good luck.

Hopefully matters will now improve on this site and as I now have this once in a lifetime oppertunity to make a comment I will. Things can only get better. Apart from the 100s of scam PTC sites there are I would say that the honest EasyadBucks is the poorest performing PTC site that i look at.

The daily, “you.ve already read this” email is annoying.
A $10 minimum cash out. Laffable. It would take me a good 5 years or more to get a first cahout !!! Thats if I was prepared to take the time. The stats speak for themselves. Over 16000 members and less than £$6000 paid out. That equates to over 15000 members who havent cashed out a dime.

And the $2 that i paid for my ” very rewarding referal” … well it will take me some 10+ years before I even recover the $2 cost and thats if that guy sticks it out. Hardly likely I think. I was conned. There’s no doubt in my mind. ….

On other similar PTC sites I cash out 6 times a year and THAT encourages me to advertise on those sites. would I have ever recommended this site. Never. It had NO redeeming features. Sorry but its painfully true.

Commmmeonnnn new owners. Rethink the model ‘cus its nothing short of a joke!!

Good Luck

11.06.2020 9:55


Thanks for being an honest paying and helpful wm. Best of luck!

11.06.2020 9:56


Sorry to see you go Cory. You’ve been great. And WELCOME Don

11.06.2020 11:31


Sorry to see you go Cory. You did a wonderful job and you will be missed.
Now a warm welcome to you Donald. I’m Kat and I’ve been with EAB since the begining. I wish you both my best and may you have a successful future.

11.06.2020 13:09


Hi Cory, Welcome Donald!

Sorry to see you go Cory…you will be missed.

Glad to have you aboard Donald! I hope you enjoy your stay here. Like Kat (see message above), I’ve been here since the beginning, having joined one day after the site launched.

As ‘Dee’ (above) took this opportunity to let off her steam, I find it necessary to comment on/correct her dissertation because I don’t feel that Cory deserved that blast of hot air. Likewise, it wasn’t a very warm welcome for Donald.

This is truly a case of one member {Dee} having a less-than-pleasant experience and thereby {attempting} to pass their negativity on to the rest of the members. As with any PTR program, job, or even life for that matter, you reap what you sow. If you put nothing into it, you will certainly get nothing out of it. Consequently I must say Dee, this isn’t the place for your pity party.

On the positive end of that spectrum, I’ve always felt this is one of the best programs online. Granted I did get in just hours after launch, but of my 382-member downline, I personally referred only 16 members.

I upgraded to a ‘Pro’ membership very early on and have gained countless unreferred members from that. Additionally my direct referrals have brought onboard their own referrals, filling out the lower levels of my downline.

The point here is that I took the initiative to upgrade my membership, grow my downline, and also to click daily.

The results??? (Yes, that says ‘results’…plural.)

I earn well at EasyAdBucks and have had countless payouts, many of which were about $10.00 despite the ‘Pro’ member minimum payout being only $5.00. So it is possible to reach payout here and it is possible to do that at least once every month or so.

I also cashed out a number of times under the former (original) owner and even clicked a ‘bonus mail’ yielding me a $50.00 prize paid directly to my PayPal account!

In closing, there is only one less-than-positive thing I can say about EasyAdBucks. I was offered a $5.00 reward for submitting a ‘testimony’ of my experience at EasyAdBucks. Prior to this {informal} testimonial, I have twice submitted previous testimony-once with pictures-and have never received the $5.00 reward for doing so.

So that’s it! Happy reading and earning! You really can earn good money at EasyAdBucks!

11.06.2020 20:58


Sorry to see you go, Cory. I very much enjoyed EasyAdBucks under your tenure. Welcome Don.

12.06.2020 2:36

Vic Christie

Hi Donald,
All is quiet.
Can we have some comment from you?
Has EasyAdbucks died and gone to the PTC graveyard?

15.06.2020 20:55


Almost 2 weeks and no word at all from the new owner? Coming along with the fact membership wasn’t notified before the sale/hand over(?), this is concerning. As a free member, advertising and bringing in new members every month, it is upsetting seeing this site go dead and ignored.

It would greatly boost morale if the new owner would please come in and start a dialogue with us, I’m sure.

At this juncture, I’m contemplating changing ads out. I’m not feeling very confident with the new ownership and do not feel right advertising this site…just now.

22.06.2020 5:41

Vic Christie

Where are the Ads and where is the owner?

27.06.2020 5:34


Nothing to click and no news from the new owner? Sad to see this site go down like this. Hope everything is alright and site gets going as usual soon.

30.06.2020 22:04


Unfortunately, all I’m finding on this new “owner’s” name are on ebooks and “spiritual growth” websites all before this year. If this man is as good as Cory claimed, he would not have let this site go down after supposedly purchasing/taking over.

I am afraid folks, that we’ve been dupped again. Taken down all my advertising for this site, and to my many referrals, I am sorry for your loss, also.


14.07.2020 7:06


Hello All,

Just a note to echo all of your sentiments/thoughts posted above and provide you with what little info I know.

I had a bad feeling the beginning of May when ads were dwindling. My balance was well over minimum payout (was just holding out for a bigger payout). I’ve learned to listen to those ‘little voices’ in my head over the years, so I requested payout on May 4, 2020, wanting to get paid one last time before the site went down…if it was going to.

Having been paid about 10 times between Brad (former owner) and Cory — and always within 24 hours, except once when Cory was in Mexico — I really became concerned after one week, two weeks, etc. went by with no response to my request for payout.

I began emailing Cory at least twice a week and posted in the blog as well. In my email I let Cory know that my posts were still ‘awaiting moderation’. Since I still didn’t get a response, I emailed Brad (former owner), who I still keep in touch with (because I was one of the very first members to sign up here), and simply asked him what happened to Cory, providing no other details. {Note that Brad and Cory are…or were…friends.}

One day after I emailed Brad, Cory gave me my payout and emailed an apology to me for the delay, citing there were many changes in the works here at EAB; however, he also provided no detail. I ‘finally’ received my payout on June 3, 2020…one full month from the date of my request.

As were all members on June 11, 2020, I too was shocked to learn of the site being sold to Donald. I’m even more shocked to see that Donald has not communicated with any of us since the sale on June 11, 2020.

That said, I do have several ways to get in touch with Cory. So, on behalf of all of EAB members and myself, I will explore other avenues of contact with Cory (and Brad if necessary) in an attempt to find out what happened to Donald and to see if this site will be revived again.

Be advised it may take some time to make contact; however, I promise I will report back to all of you and post as soon as I hear something from one of them. If I get no response, I will post that as well.

Meanwhile, the ads are re-setting every few days or so if you choose to click one from time to time and check in on the blog while you’re here. I’ll be in touch.

Susan, aka: andrea

17.07.2020 8:00


Well I was going to post the WhoIs but I got sidetracked. I went back to copy it over, and the info seems to have changed, especially the phone. But here it is.
Donald Kubelka
change, New Hampshire 12345
United States
Created on: 14-Mar-07
Expires on: 14-Mar-10
Last Updated on: 06-Jun-09
Administrative Contact:
Kubelka, Donald
change, New Hampshire 12345
United States
+1.1234567 Fax —
Technical Contact:
Kubelka, Donald
change, New Hampshire 12345
United States
+1.1234567 Fax —
Domain servers in listed order:

20.07.2020 5:31


I’ve also copied it into an email to myself…just in case.

20.07.2020 5:32


Well Well Well!!! So there is LIFE here after all!!!
Despite Donald being silent, he has put up some new PTC banners and even sent out an email recently.
I hope this is a good sign.

7.08.2020 7:57

Vic Christie

There was a spark of some life, bit appears to have died again.
I even started promoting again, but have now stopped as I don’t want anyone joining a dead site under me.

16.08.2020 1:49


Not a good sign at all. Why bother taking a site if you’re not going to use it? Well, I could think of a few things the database would be good for, but I hope this isn’t the case here.

Despite why this person took on this site, I feel it’s at the very least, ill mannered to keep people hanging like this. However, he’s not the first, nor will he be the last to treat members so shabbily. All it takes is a few words. Again, members are left hanging.

Sad state of affairs. Shameful.

3.09.2020 6:48

Vic Christie

Cory, we miss you!
Please come back?

13.09.2020 2:44


Dear New Owner,

Please keep up as what the previous had announced. This is not good at all for this site. No ads after logging everyday, no reply on cash-out request even after a couple of ticket submitted.

This is my first cash-out after 1 year of hitting the cash-out limit but with the change of ownership, there were no ads & no respond on questions asked.

What is happening ? Please revert to all of us here who are waiting..

Thank you.. if this is ever been read again.

14.09.2020 16:17


Andreaq, if you’re still looking into this, maybe you could see what’s happening? This is a terrible state of affairs.


16.09.2020 15:21

Vic Christie

This is our only means of communication with the Admin, but he does not respond.

17.09.2020 17:33


Anyone has the previous owner contact.. maybe should the the previous know so that they can revamp this reputable site instead of letting it rot just like this.

This is terrible after 2 years or so..

Kindly respond.. Mr New Owner

23.09.2020 4:59


I believe, after all this time, EasyAdBucks.com needs to go on the Boycott list at GPTBoycott.com. It takes 10 legitimate complaints to be approved for boycott. 5 to go on Watch List. You do not have to be a member of GPTB to submit a complaint. Please be concise and don’t let anger guide your typing.

http://www.gptboycott.com/submit.php (for complaints)

I don’t like suggesting this, but this new owner’s complete lack of respect for the members leaves me no choice than to recommend submitting a complaint. Far too many owners have taken advantage of their members, and have left them high and dry. Why? Because they can. The numbers per person are just too small for prosecution, but WE the members CAN at least get the word out, on both sites AND owners … BEWARE.

It’s long past time for us to be concerned over this new owner. He’s shown complete and utter contempt by not addressing these issues. I now believe it could very well be a case of him having a nice new list of email addresses to use/sell.

Shame! And to Cory…a double shame on you!

28.09.2020 16:43

Vic Christie

I am not a member of Twitter, but there is some information on Cory at:

29.09.2020 14:00


Surprisingly, there was 1 ad to click today but there is not even a reply on all the comments/questions that was posted.

Please respond and don’t keep us just hanging like this..!

29.09.2020 19:27

Vic Christie

Yes, I clicked on 1 0.1c ad today
Previous 0.1c ad was on August 25th

1.10.2020 1:59

Vic Christie

I received a paid email and clicked on quite a few Ads today.
I even received some income for theclicks of my refrrals.
If this continues I will start advertising EasyAdBucks again.

30.10.2020 15:13

Frankie Teo

Looks like the site is active again. There are ads to click today & saw payout had been issued to some members as the payout $ increased. Well, I have not receive my payout yet. Hope this is a good sign again.

Cheers & thank you..

Best Regards,

30.10.2020 17:02

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