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EasyAdBucks on Facebook and Twitter

You can find EasyAdBucks profiles on Facebook and on Twitter now.

For those of you that are using Facebook we encourage you to become a fan of our group and for those of you using Twitter to follow us.

We feel these new profiles bring some great additions to EasyAdBucks.


  • On Facebook you can become a fan and meet others that are fans (members of EasyAdBucks too) There is a discussion forum so until we get our main forum completed this is a great place to meet other EAB members. Facebook allows you to have a picture on your profile so we can get a more personal community feel when interacting with other members too.
  • When you become a Fan of EasyAdBucks on Facebook all your friends will see that you joined and some might become members of EasyAdBucks too. This is good for everyone using EasyAdBucks. The more exposure there is the more advertisers will use our services resulting in more emails and PTC, signups for our members.
  • Another cool thing about Facebook is that it allows us to communicate with up to 5000 people at once, so whenever we have anything important to tell you we can get it to you. For example if we hear about a really effective new way to make money from home then you will be the first ones to know.


  • Twitter is a great tool for staying up to date with what is going on. EasyAdBucks will be posting live updates to our Twitter feed whenever we are doing work so you might see an update like “Working on awarding payouts for our members” or “Assigning referrals”. If you follow us on Twitter you will always be in the loop about what’s going on. Also Twitter will allow you to communicate directly with us easily and we can communicate to a wide range of people all at once similar to Facebook. Whenever we hear about new ways to make money online you will be the first to know about it.

We hope you like these new additions and enjoy using Facebook and Twitter as much as us.

With that we leave you with a couple questions: What do you like most about Facebook and what do you like most about Twitter?

EasyAdBucks, EasyAdBucks News | 29.06.2020 17:10 |

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siv elise (amora81)


im a member of facebook, so i will log in rigth away and become a member, and also give this message to my referrals.

i love to se who im working with, lol

youre the best.

take care, best whishes

1.07.2020 21:59

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