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Contest Winners - April 2008

It’s that time again to give some good news. We have selected the 50 Referral winner for last month as well as our first time Advertiser Banner Impressions winner.

50 Free Referral Contest
Again another successful month. This month there were 468 members that qualified for the draw.

The proud winner is Lars Moberg from Sweden!
Be sure to enter the contest for May if you are not already entered. Click Here to learn more.

Advertiser Contest - 200,000 Banner Impressions
This was our first month for this prize and I am proud to announce that Sampson Bannis from the UK is the winner!

Don’t miss out on this great $80 value. All you need to do is advertise with us to qualify! Click Here to learn more.

Congratulations Winners! We will be contacting each of you shortly.

On Vacation
One last thing is I am going to Mexico tomorrow on vacation for 2 weeks but I will make it a point to keep things running smooth here. There may be a slight delay in support emails and approvals of paid to signups. I just wanted to give you all the heads up. I will get to the requests in 2 - 3 days at worst case but I am pretty sure I do have high speed internet in my room there so lets keep our fingers crossed.

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3 Comments on “Contest Winners - April 2008”

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Lars Moberg

I am very happy to tell that I am the winner of 50 free referrals for the april referral contest.I am very surprised an happy.Thank you very much EasyAdBucks also for always been an honest site with correct payouts and everything.

Lars Moberg

5.05.2020 14:24


Congratulations Lars,
I agree that it is good to be a member of an honest, paying site.
Hope your referals make you a few bucks!

7.06.2020 19:21


congratulations Lars! You really deserved it!

7.06.2020 22:34

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