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Pro Member Upgrades - 300% Better

We know this has been long overdue but we think our AWESOME new benefits should make up for it when you upgrade to our Pro Membership. This is easily worth 3 TIMES or MORE than the $20 lifetime fee. Why the heck are we giving away so much? That is simple, we know that if members do not feel they are getting their value they will go elsewhere and we want to keep you actively using EasyAdBucks forever. This is all part of our goal to make EasyAdBucks one of the best if not the best ptr sites on the web! Help us make that goal a reality.

New Pro Membership Benefits

  • Earn 25% MORE for your Paid to Read Emails and Paid to Click section!

  • Get 4500 Points that can be used to redeem for 10,000 Banner Impressions at the bottom of our website.

  • 100 Member Email Advertising Package. Promote any website (within reason) by sending an email to 100 members with 50% clickthu.

  • DOUBLE Your Chances of winning the 50 referrals that are given away each month for life!

  • A Lifetime Text Link that will appear on the side of this blog. It can link to any website you want (within reason). This is a great way to get some referrals through other PTC sites you may already be part of.

You also still get the old benefits of a member upgrade.

Old Pro Membership Benefits

  • FREE Referrals get assigned to you automatically. Your referral ID will be randomly assigned to Members and Advertisers that join without a referrer!

  • CASHOUT at $5 instead of $10.

All these great benefits for only $20. Upgrade today. We accept Paypal, Moneybookers and Alertpay

Details - Important, Please Read
We will contact all members that have became Pro Members in 2008. Any member that upgraded to (what used to be called a Hunter Gatherer) can contact us and if we see that they have been active in the last 2 months (Feb and March 2008) we will add all these benefits. If they have not been active in the last 2 months (Feb and March 2008) we will require an additional $15 payment.

Anyone have comments? Is this a step in the right direction?

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4 Comments on “Pro Member Upgrades - 300% Better”

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Sandy Mather

Sounds like a real good deal to me.

I’ll be upgrading - thanks!


18.04.2020 21:28


I’ve been upgraded since the beginning…Thanks for adding more benefits to being a Pro Member! Keep up the great work!

18.04.2020 23:42


Thanks for the additional benefits.

19.04.2020 17:52



Thanks very much for adding Pro member benefits to an old female hunter like me. LOL

Best regards,

22.04.2020 8:46

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