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EasyAdBucks Update

I hope everyone that celebrates easter had a great holiday. I was away visiting family and friends and had very limited internet connection while away. I’m now back at my office and getting back to the schedule that was put in place. There has been a delay in the paid to signup approvals but we just finished approving those now.

Referral Draw
There are still a few more days before we draw for the 50 FREE REFERRALS so if you have not yet entered you can Enter Here.
We have had a huge response to this and had many entries. Don’t forget that this contest is forever and you only have to enter once to qualify to win every month!

Blog Contest
There have been some blog entries submitted but not as many as we were expecting. The prize for this is $100 so be sure to check out the details and submit your entry soon. April 10th is the deadline. You can read all about the blog contest here.

The first month running EasyAdBucks the focus was on the redesign of the site and making it more user friendly for the thousands of members. This month we were focusing on researching new and better ways to make our members money and working to put in place some partnerships. The goal for April is to put these things in place and add more paid to click ads, more emails and more paid to signups. We know that we need more but there is only so much we can do at a time. So I am just telling you that we are aware we need more and it will be coming in April.

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6 Comments on “EasyAdBucks Update”

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Rosie Holden

Sorry I can”t enter?? I can not instal or Download anything! I just spent at least $20 &sure don”t know how it will help??????

29.03.2020 19:31

Ben South

Zango is the worst SPYWARE application that I have seen on the
net….It qualifies as an insiduous VIRUS…for example WHEN I
had zango and would type a url that I used regularly..it would
send me to a different url….over and over again…type in google,
get something else…type in AVG…you would get AVG just not the
AVG hosted site…Go to one site and fight off Zango in order to use
or see it….

What price do we willingly pay for promoting a VIRUS, SPYWARE and
almost forgot….PORNOGRAPHY…..yes those lovely, titalating, young,
ladies with bare body parts are too EXPLICIT for my TEN grandchildren.

30.03.2020 17:57

Harry Foresman sr

free referrals is fine, But i think you know what you can do with zango
i refrain from saying, but i,m sure you know,

as if there isen’t enough spyware out there allready
you want us to install more

no way ho say!
thank’s but no thank’s

31.03.2020 0:22

Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

Ben and Harry I am sorry to hear this. You have been the first people to report anything bad about this software. infact some of the members expressed that they liked it. I downloaded it myself prior to making it available to the members and I did not find any of these things you mention.

What it did do is popup a related website for me when I was searching google.

Have other members experienced bad things with this? If so we will remove it but still keep the contest going and have it open to every member. I want to do what’s best for the members so tell me what you want.

Does anyone else have complaints about Zango?

31.03.2020 1:12


how long i can wait may 50?!!!

31.03.2020 20:59

Frankie Teo

Well, I had to uninstall Zango before end of March’07. I thought of waiting for the referral contest announcement but just cannot bare with the pop-up.

Porn do appears once a while & I closed it very quickly as my 7 yr old boy PC is just next to me.

How do we actually qualify for the 50 referrals contest & any token for the easyadbucks blog post. Thanks..


13.04.2020 18:40

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