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EasyAdBucks is Giving Away $100 in Cash for Best Blog Entry

We Want to Pay YOU!
We need your help everyone. It is time to advertise EasyAdBucks so we can grow our member / advertiser base and keep on adding more great things to this site for all the hard working members that use our services on a daily basis.

What better way to advertise then to get the whole EasyAdBucks community involved. We would rather give $$ to our members then to a stranger!

So here is the creative idea we came up with. We want you to write a blog post about EasyAdBucks and in return we will pick a winner of the blog entry we like best! The winner will have $100 added to their account and they can cashout right away. If you are an advertiser and win we will give you $100 in free advertising!

Note: If you do not already have a blog they are easy and FREE to signup for. Here are a few examples of websites that let you signup for a blog: Blogger or Wordpress or LiveJournal

We have just a few simple rules to follow.

  1. The blog post needs to be positive.
  2. The blog post shouldn’t be too short. Let’s say 4 paragraphs minimum.
  3. The blog entry needs to contain 2 links (and only 2) back EasyAdBucks.com. These links need to have specific phrases as the link itself. This is really important and if you don’t understand it contact us and we can help you out. We have provided the examples below. So get creative and work these phrases into your stories.

    Phrases to Choose From

    • make money at home
    • make money online
    • ppc advertising
    • make money using paypal
    • best ptc sites
    • best ptr programs

    Here are examples of how the html should look for each.

  4. In our process of choosing the winner we will award extra credit to any member that includes a screenshot of previous money they have received from EasyAdBucks. Example a Screenshot of us paying you by Paypal, Alertpay or Moneybookers. Here is a helpful tutorial on taking a screenshot.

We will run this opportunity for 1 full month so that gives you lots of time to think of something creative. The deadline will be April 10th 2008

After you have posted your blog entry to your blog and are happy with it you can submit it to us through our Contact Us page and just select Blog Entry as the Question Subject. Important: Be sure to include the link to your blog in the description field.

Our Final Question
Is 20 minutes of your time worth a potential $100? I think so!

Best of luck everyone. We can’t wait to read all the great entries!

Cory Schop
Owner EasyAdBucks.com

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Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

We have had 4 entries so far, keep them coming. The ones we have received so far have been great.

13.03.2020 15:49

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29.03.2020 16:04

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