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Giving Away 50 Referrals, Every Month, For Life!

Exciting News!

Although we do not have enough referrals built up to start selling again we have decide to do the next best thing. We have decided to do a monthly draw every month for 50 Referrals to be awarded to 1 lucky member that has entered our draw. The winner will be drawn the first week of the month at random. Enter the draw once and you are automatically entered for life! Your earnings can add up very quickly with 50 first level active referrals.

In order to apply for this great opportunity we have partnered with a company to sponsor us. All you need to do to qualify is install a FREE piece of software that enhances your search by showing you relevant websites while searching the net. We have made sure that this is NOT SPYWARE as we hate spyware ourselves. Also you can uninstall the software at any time and you will still be entered in our Referral draw for life!

When you login to your member account by going here you will see a highlighted section for this opportunity. To apply simpy click the Enter Here link or you can just go directly to to the install page here

After you have installed the software you submit a simple form to us with your username and we enter you into the random draw, every month, for life. It is that simple!

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24 Comments on “Giving Away 50 Referrals, Every Month, For Life!”

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Linda Green


6.03.2020 0:38


So when might you be doing a give away for free advertising?

6.03.2020 5:07


this prog is really interesting

6.03.2020 7:23

Charalampos Kapetanios aka captain1821

Great news! It’s cool to see nice things happening here

6.03.2020 9:12


What a great opportunity.
Thank you for making this site even MORE fun.
You ROK =)

6.03.2020 12:32



6.03.2020 13:11

Hasnat Ahmed

Its a great software

6.03.2020 13:27


This is great news fifty referals per month

6.03.2020 15:04

bruce sutton

hope i can win the free referals. user name bruce210

6.03.2020 21:58

Walace clark

50 referrals each month soundsgreat sign me up

7.03.2020 1:16

Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

Wow, what a great response we have had. I guess this was a good idea. So far we have had 86 people already qualify for the draws.

Someone asked about if we will have something similar for the advertisers and the answer is YES. We are working on coming up with something.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and this great response. We want to maintain a great relationship with our partner Zango for years to come so a big thank you to them for helping us put this opportunity in place.

7.03.2020 2:58



7.03.2020 3:43

Julie Cramblit

Hey I like that idea makes it easy to make money when you win cool

7.03.2020 15:44

Deb C

Very innovative idea! I like the changes you have made so far with the site and this is just one more great idea! We all need to spread the word that Easyadbucks is growing!

7.03.2020 23:14

Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

Deb, If you like this idea check out our newest idea. Blogging to win $100: http://easyadbucks.com/blog/2020/03/08/easyadbucks-is-giving-away-100-in-cash-for-best-blog-entry/

Thanks for the compliments we are trying to run this site the best way we know how and that involves treating our members and advertisers like gold. More exciting things to come. We won’t stop so keep those referrals coming and lets make this the largest site of it’s kind online!

8.03.2020 14:42


It’s good if I win! lol

10.03.2020 0:57


thanx very nice

12.03.2020 12:01

Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

Has anyone experienced bad things with Zango? If so please report this to us because there have been 2 members out of hundreds so far that have reported bad things. We need to verify this. Thanks.

31.03.2020 1:15

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1.04.2020 21:40

Cory Schop - Owner EasyAdBucks

The Winner for the first draw for March 2008 is: OBeth Pasanda from Indonesia. Congratulations we will be assigning your 50 referrals to your account shortly.

1.04.2020 21:41

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5.05.2020 12:11

Walace clark

I hope I win

8.06.2020 1:25


Hi is there anyway to check and make sure I’m entered? I downloaded Zango when you first posted this but I don’t recall filling out a form.
Can you tell me if I’m registered for this contest, or is there a way to find out in my account?


15.06.2020 20:04

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22.06.2020 19:26

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