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More Great EasyAdBucks News - New Schedule and More!

  • We have upgraded to a new web server that should be every bit as fast if not faster than the last one.

  • We have upgraded what we use for managing email to really improve our own efficiency and the time that it takes us to do our administration work. ex cashouts, email support etc

  • With this added efficiency we have put together a new Schedule that we will follow daily to help achieve our goal of becoming the top PTC site on the net.

    The New Schedule

    We want to be known as one of the top, if not the top PTC site on the net as far as customer service goes. This includes friendly support and timely actions. As a result we have decided on the following improved schedule:

    Payment of Cashouts - We will process these once a day. This means that if you cashout today you get your money the next day! No more waiting a week or a month like on other websites.)

    Advertiser Orders - We will process these 2 times a day. We know advertisers are what makes this site run so we will do our best to process your order within 12 hours!

    Paid to Signups - We will approve and process these once a day. We will go through signups that have been submitted and approve or reject based on the Paid to Signup Guidelines (login is required)

    Member Upgrades - We will process these 2 times a day. We know that once a member upgrades they want to receive their benefits asap so we will have you upgraded within 12 hours.

    Support Questions - We will process and answer these 2 times a day. We know timely support is the key and we are here for you and will respond within 12 hours!

    Advertising Package Redemptions - We will process these 2 times a day. A redemption is just the same as an advertiser order in our book so we will process these every 12 hours.

    Referral Redemptions - We will process these once a day. We are running on a shortage of referrals at the moment but we know this will improve but we need all the members help to keep on promoting us. As this website grows we will all benefit, this I assure you.

  • We have upgraded to a new version of our script to make things more stable. You may have noticed that the PTC and PTS areas were broken for about an hour but this has been fixed again.

We will try to maintain this schedule on weekends as well as holidays because at EasyAdBucks we realize that its not the weekend or a holiday for everyone at the same time!

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9 Comments on “More Great EasyAdBucks News - New Schedule and More!”

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Rae McEwen

This is great news. It will make things much more organised. Thanks guys.

22.02.2020 21:46

cynthia opdyke


22.02.2020 23:59


Hi, I’m from Thailand. It’s a Great New Look and easier for me to work out than earlier. Thank you.

23.02.2020 2:34

Dale Starrett

This is great news on payouts; hopefully soon there will be a method to get your pay through check by mail as some folks do not have bank, paypal, etc…accts.

23.02.2020 12:06

Nyka Benjamin

Very Cool…

Thanks for all the improvements!

23.02.2020 15:24


Nice work Cory!

24.02.2020 12:01

Money Maker

This is really good news. I also like the new design and features.. I like your new banners too!

25.02.2020 21:58


It’s a huge improvement Cory and your site serves as an example leading the PTC sites.

3.03.2020 9:20


Great,Thanks Cory! This site just keeps getting better…

5.03.2020 23:08

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