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New Beginnings in 2008

Hello EasyAdBucks members and advertisers. As you may know EasyAdBucks has new owners to kick start 2008, myself (Cory) and my partner Chris. We have a vast skill set and a superb track record when it comes to successes on the web. We want to take EasyAdBucks to the same level and beyond some of the top competitors in this really interesting area of paid to read, click and signup services.

We have already been doing a lot of research, making notes on things to alter and improve upon. Myself, I have been learning the ropes of running the administration side of things (A big thanks to Mark). Approving your orders and sending them out. I have a good grasp on how all that works now and I apologize if there were any delays. Chris has been doing a lot of research on how to make you guys a lot more money this year. This is his speciality and he is darn good at it!

We are both designers so together we have started working on the much needed re design of this site. Currently we are coming up with a logo and playing with ideas for the site design itself. We will be ditching the theme of deer / bucks / moose because we feel this is really confusing to new members. How many of you were wondering what the heck a Hunter Gatherer was when you first signed up? I know I was Our goal with the new EasyAdBucks will be to make it as simple and enjoyable for the users as possible. Also we feel with a more professional look we will attract more advertisers which means more potential money for everyone.

So from reading through previous posts in this blog it has become apparent that the community wants a way to communicate with one another so as a temporary solution (until we can release the new website and forum) we have added a live chat feature to the website. To see it you don’t even need to be logged in. The EasyAdBucks Member Chat will make it easy to get to know some of the other members. I’m sure we will even pop in from time to time ourselves.

Feel free to post in here or email us with any suggestions you may have for the new website. Everything will be taken into consideration.

With all that said prepare for a year where everyone makes more bucks!


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