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Important Information Regarding your Easyadbucks.com Account

Easyadbucks.com has been sold, but don’t panic there are great things in store. I felt it was in the best interest to sell easyadbucks.com to someone who could take it to the next level.

The site was started in April 07 as a Joint Venture between my self (Mark Williams) and Brad Mills. Brad became very busy in August with other ventures he has been working on and I’m looking to branch out and work on my own. We decided it would be best to sell the site to someone who could put in 110% effort everyday to take Easyadbucks.com to the next level. I have personally met with the new owner before the sale to discuss his intentions of where he plans on taking the site, as I was not going to just sell the site to anyone.

The members have always been top priority for EasyAdBucks.com and this will not change in the future. I have had the opportunity to talk with a lot of you over the last few months either through support or via email and I must admit I will miss it.

I plan on taking a mini vacation and then getting right back to work on a new project. Hopefully this won’t be the last time you’ve heard of me. If anyone needs to get in contact with me you can add me to yahoo “Marktw69” I will still be behind the scene for the next few weeks helping Cory (the new owner) get adjusted to the site.

So without further a do here is Cory’s Intro:

Hello EasyAdBucks members I just wanted to introduce myself to you. As Mark had mentioned above I will be taking over the operations of EasyAdBucks and I am very excited about it. I have big plans for this community. Mark tells me there are a lot of great members so this should be fun. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you all. I am taking over with many improvements already in mind. To give you a little taste of my background so you can get a feel of what I do and have accomplished here is a small list.

My background is in website design. The #1 thing on my to do list as the new owner is to give EasyAdBucks a brand new look. I have heard there have been many requests for this and I am here to tell you that your prayers will be answered soon

You can see some of my design work here if you are interested. http://www.coryschop.com

In addition to my design skills I am also trained in analyzing websites and making modifications that make it easier for the users, making your time on the site more enjoyable and simpler.

I have experience in running websites with large sized communities. One site I run at the moment is http://www.fbexpressions.com with over 170,000 members growing by about 1000 new members a day. If you use Facebook or are a creative person you should check it out.

I have also run this website for years now http://www.w3hits.com - Another website that offers advertising and traffic for advertisers. In all the years of operations all the customers have been satisfied.

With all that said I am from Canada, 26 years of age with an entrepreneurial spirit and a huge passion for making things a success on the web.

I look forward to getting to know you all and serving you for many years.

Cory Schop

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Mohamed Arif

Dear all

Warm Welcome Mr. Cory

We should give them big hand to Mr. Cory Schop a talented web designer and hope he can do very well.
Now Mark Williams leave from EasyAdbux.com Family. Mark All the best for your next Projects and hope to become an innovative ideas.


5.01.2020 20:33

Chuck Harduby

Welcome Cory!! Great to have you aboard!!

5.01.2020 20:55


How can I check my account and get my money

5.01.2020 21:19


Welcome Cory! I am glad you came aboard to EAB!

5.01.2020 22:44


Welcome aboard Cory!!! Good luck with your endeavor.

BamaGal from Alabama (USA)

Nancy Wood

5.01.2020 22:57


Welcome Cory,


5.01.2020 23:06


Welcome aboard Cory!

Best wishes in this new venture.

6.01.2020 1:12

Jared Heyde

welcome Cory and good luck

6.01.2020 2:11


Welcome Cory, new blood is always good. I hope you enjoy working this site.

6.01.2020 3:13


Hey, Welcome Cory. We will miss Mark but wish him the best. MaryAnn

6.01.2020 3:22


welcome cory. we will make it.

6.01.2020 6:28


Nice to have you with us Cory and all my best to you Mark and Brad. Hope to catch you both around somewhere, sometime again.

Best regards to all three of you.

6.01.2020 6:58


Hi Cory!

Since you’ve told us a bit about you, I decided to share a bit about me with you.

A hearty welcome aboard from a 1/2 of a Canadian!!!

My Dad (God rest his soul), was French Canadian and I still have distant relatives living in/near the border cities of Niagara Falls, Ont., CA. I grew up on the US side about 20 minutes from the border and ironically was only about 20 minutes away from being born on the Canadian side (have always wished I was)! Mom managed to get to the hospital in North Tonawanda just in the nick of time though.

My family owned a cabin on Big Bald Lake, considered part of Bobcaygeon; however, located between Bobcaygeon and Peterborough. We spent every wknd. and summer at the cabin from the day school let out til the day before it started again. During those years I had always seen Trent U. on the way to Peterborough and said that one day I would go to school there.

I made that dream come true in ‘79/’80 when I attended Otonabee College/Trent U. (YES, I am a “Trenchie” alum!!! Couldn’t imagine going to SSFU!) as the youngest student in the school’s history, starting 2 weeks before my 16th birthday (due to early high school graduation) — keep in mind that in the US there are only 12 grades, whereas there are 13 in Canada. During that time I lived in Buckhorn and commuted.

As for my stint here at EAB (and now living in Florida), I was one of the first members at EAB and upgraded immediately. I’m incredibly glad I did (look at my downline)! {NOTE TO OTHER MEMBERS: EAB REALLY DOES BUILD YOUR DOWNLINE FOR YOU; although I have recruited heavily myself as well.}. I’ll be with EAB till the day the doors close! I LOVE this site!

Now, on to business! A HUGE THANK YOU to whomever just gave me an “unrequested” payout! I’m not sure if it was Mark, Brad, or Cory. Regardless, it was a most pleasant surprise!

Lastly, I had left a comment on December 25, 2020, in the “Easy Ad Bucks” category of the Blog (2nd option in the “Categories” list), in the topic “MEMBERS MUST LOGIN TO THE SITE EVERY 30 DAYS TO KEEP THERE (Typographical Error: should be THEIR) ACCOUNT ACTIVE!”, started on December 7, 2020. To date, my comment has not been responded to.

Since the Blog (or maybe all Blogs?) don’t have a place to set “Preferences” like in a Forum (i.e., Notify Member When a Response/New Post Has Been Made), I had requested a response to my comments/queries to be made to my email (or at least a notification of same at my email) at [email protected]. As mentioned above, I haven’t received a response either in the Blog or my email.

That said, Cory, would you mind Please adding this to your (likely extensive!) “to do” list? Thank you very much! Again, Welcome to EAB. I hope you stay with us for a very long time and look forward to seeing your new ideas being implemented!

Mark and Brad, I’ll miss you both! I wish you the greatest success in your new ventures and hope that 2008 is the best year of your lives!!

Most Sincerely Yours,

Susan M. D’Agostino
aka: andrea

6.01.2020 7:26


Mark & Brad,

I forgot to mention in the above post…

If either of you start any new sites where members can earn money, please keep my email address and contact me. I would love to work with both of you again in the future anytime.


Susan (andrea)
[email protected]

6.01.2020 7:30

Sandy Mather

Hello Cory and Welcome

I wish you well with your new venture!

New Year, new beginnings and I hope it will prove very beneficial for you and your members.

Sandy of Sandy’s HomeBiz


6.01.2020 14:01


Welcome, Cory Schop.

Hope everyone will improve in earnings.


6.01.2020 15:01


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! It is much appreciated. I have been busy making notes on all kinds of things that I want to do with this site as well as spending my time learning the ropes from Mark on how it all works. It sure helps that he lives just down the road

With that said expect a personal blog entry from myself in the next few days with some insight of what we have in store for EasyAdBucks and it’s members for 2008 and beyond.

In the mean time Hunt On


7.01.2020 20:27


Warm welcome to you Cory, I do like your designs and logos it’s the kind of design I also like. It will take the site to a more professional level into the league of Adbux with it’s 600 000 users.

I’ll post about this news on my blog:


8.01.2020 1:04


i hope you can make this site to the next level no minimun payout level

8.01.2020 1:57


Welcome aboard.It sounds like you have many great plans for the future here at easyadbucks. Good luck and here’s hoping we all make lots of money and have some fun in the process.

8.01.2020 3:51


welcome Cory :o)

9.01.2020 2:33


Despite being new user of the page found it very easy and I hope that this facility like the owners and investors mainly, certainly all win, investors with its products, the owners with the tool and members with colaboraçao.

Good luck and continue that way.

10.01.2020 5:53


Welcome aboard, Cory, and I look forward to a long and prosperous membership under your guidance.



10.01.2020 12:19

Zahid Hussain


10.01.2020 14:26


warm welcome and happy new year

11.01.2020 12:51

About Facebook

Does this mean that EasyAdBucks will be on Facebook?

I sincerely hope not for if it is I will be unsubscribingfor I don’t like Facebook!!!!!!


16.01.2020 21:02

me myself & I

What about that $100 referral contest??
I spent a lot in advertising and now it’s gone for good =/

23.01.2020 21:36

Phylippa Hogan

Wish you all the best for the future

7.02.2020 11:58


About Facebook: We have not decided if we will bring EAB to Facebook yet or not. Why would this be a bad thing. It wouldnt mean you have to use Facebook it is just another way to find new members.

my myself & I: I was unaware of the referral contest upon taking over EAB but that sounds like a great idea. We will aim to bring that back.

19.02.2020 3:59

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