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November Update:

Great work everyone! We have passed 10,000 members this month.

Paid to sign ups: Members accounts are being Cancelled in till they can email me and prove they understand the rules of entering the info right! You DO NOT enter your email address in the box you enter the email that was sent to you from the paid to sign up you just signed up for. The conformation email! This causes me hours of extra work weekly.

Paid to clicks: Have been removed in till we can find a way to stop members from cheating. We had to remove over 300!! Accounts last month from people breaking rules when it came to paid to click’s. Please click 1 at a time or you will be banned! It only took a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone.

Referrals: We are still a few weeks behind we had a few members last month purchase 100s of referrals and we are still back logged as they join we will add them to your account. As of today we are up to 10/22/07 anyone who has requested them before that should have there referrals now. Unless you bought them in packs of 10 and 30 in which case they have been already added.

Questions about the data entry program. I have had a lot of emails asking me about the Data Entry Program (An ad that was sent by an advertiser)

I have personally tested the system to check it out and I have found it is a good program but it is a little misleading. Many people join thinking they are entering pages of notes for people which is wrong they teach you how to place ads and also give you s $100 Google credit to do so. Not bad since you get full training and $100 credit when you only pay $50 to join. I would recommend for someone who is serious about working not for someone who thinks they are going to make a lot of money doing nothing.

Easyadbucks Admin

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Thank you for being so honest about the typing job. Your update was well worth reading and I am sorry but it did sound funny what you have to do in a day. How can so many people be so dumb at times.

Keep up the good work!


PS/ I only read English and I do not know what Meno is or Odostat/ Plese stick to English for us americans. I had a time sending this. I had to figure out what the words meant. thank you

11.11.2020 21:25


Hi Mark, I joined and am doing the free ad thing. Lots of them. Still waiting for the sales to start. MaryAnn

11.11.2020 22:40


Hi Mark,
As it’s been I’ve only opened the e-mails and PTC’s-I don’t usually have the time to sit a click all day (last month there were tons to click)
Hope you find and ban the cheaters-they seem to enter and cause trouble in all of the different programs I use-
Hard to find a heavily protected site that is thorough with their Memberships.
Please keep my acct active,

11.11.2020 22:46

Marie Line Jerome

Hi Mark!

I have read the November Update.

I am one of the members waiting for my 3 referrals. I understand the delay.

Thank you for the update.

username: visionz

12.11.2020 0:07

EasyAdBucks Admin

Hey guys. I should have worded the “cancelled” accounts better. what I mean was any member who kept entering wrong info has been removed (they can get there account back if they email me and explain they know the rules and I will leave a not on there account stating they are fully aware of how the site works) the cancelled members who had been clicking many ads at a time there accounts have been removed permanently as they are cheating the site and cheating honest members out of money they could be earning.

12.11.2020 3:22

Hey Mark

Helo Mark I have been a member for aw hile now shortly after jopining upgraded to Gold an am still awaiting my referral for upgrading. I enjoy clicking and reading the e-mails you send …..thanks and keep up the good work….clar1983

12.11.2020 3:42


Hi mark, this is great you inform everyone about rules. Account of the cheaters should be cancelled because they make trouble for system. thanks very much, sharan1980

12.11.2020 5:03


Hello Mark!

Thank you for the update! I signed up for AW Surveys under the PTSU section (was supposed to receive 10 cents for the signup); however, apparently that program doesn’t send out a confirmation email. Consequently, I didn’t bother to send any info to you via the PTSU text box. … As Linda commented above, “How can so many people be so dumb at times.”
I am aware of the procedure and I expect in this case, the advertiser may have known full-well that the site doesn’t send confirmation emails; thus the advertiser gets his/her referrals, but the member never gets the 10 cents.
As for myself, I figured the money earned at the site would exceed the 10 cent signup bonus at EAB, so why bother making myself look like a dummy!
Anyway, nice hearing from you! Hope all is going well for you!

Sincerely Yours,

Susan (aka: andrea)

12.11.2020 7:10


Congratulations on reaching over 10,000 members!
I’m rather new to EasyAdBucks since I joined at the end of October. Hope I’m not among the dummies although English is not my first language.
‘Meno’, ‘poviné’, ‘nebude publikovany’, ‘Odoslat’ are probably not English words, are they ?
Best regards,

12.11.2020 8:06


Hi Mark,
I did a couple of paid to signups and never received a confirmation email so I could send it to you so I guess I am out of luck with that.

I was faithfully doing 50 paid to clicks every day…one at a time of course,so I am upset at those who spoiled it. I am close to payout and I was hoping to make it this month via the paid to clicks. More paid emails would help. Thanks…Helen

12.11.2020 9:06


Just joined the site, good to see you are good on updating your members about site problems.

12.11.2020 11:30

hello Mark my HERO


Ok. first i want to say thank you for this great site.
I have been member at other payments sites, and this is deffently the best

Like in other payments sites they say you make 100 dollar at on ad. Thats bullshit. you dont make 100 dallar, but like 0,001cent.

But here you say we get paid like 0,1cents and 1 cents, and 0,15 cents. And thats not bullshit. thats true.

I like to see what i have earned.

About cheating, - I dont want to put me in that catogory, but i had reffered my best friend, and some weeks ago she was staying over for 5 days at my place and she did click her ads here.
And that resulted in closing our accounts.
Luckelly i had only made like 3 dollar and 400 points.
I was talking to support and explain that to them, and they checket it out, and i was able to re-open my account.
I lost everything i had earned, but i guess thats how it works.

But later if i have reffered somone, are they allowed to click ads at my computer? Or- i have not reffered them, are they allowed.Just so we know. Its not like everyday, but only when they are staying over-

( im a sick girl, and cant leave the house, so thats why i have alots of friends staying over)

Best whishes from amora

Keep up the good work.

12.11.2020 12:52

hello Mark my HERO

lol, the last comment heard weard out. but its true, im sick, but im not telling that just so you can feel petty about me, its just to explain in case i have friends over that are members.

best wishes from amora

12.11.2020 12:55

Denise Agin

Thanks for the update. I will miss the paid to clicks.

12.11.2020 13:24


no good idea to stop all these ads!

hope you will fix this cheating problem, before all referals run away.


12.11.2020 13:36



I am Gabriel (aka rumelan) from Romania… Thanks EAB for the last referral you added to my downline… I waited for it for quite long and now it’s OK… It’s a pity that the TON of PTC ads has been removed… I used to earn pretty much from my refs when it was on… Hope the “good times” will be back…:) I am very keen on looking for ways of earning money on the internet… It seeems to become more and more like a planetary “gold rush”… I look for partners to put some money (up to 100$) in some simple programs with residual earnings potential (it means you put some time and money at the beginning then you reap the rewards again and again, tens or 100s times more than you put in!)… I speak French too! If anyone interested, please contact me at grupfr at yahoo.com

12.11.2020 13:40


Hello Mark,
Congratulations on reaching over 10,000 members!
I like this site very much. I hope my membership still be here for my life time. Enjoy 18 downlines now.so happy.

12.11.2020 21:59



witch e-mail shall we send our info to?

15.11.2020 18:13


Re this :

Paid to sign ups: Members accounts are being Cancelled in till they can email me and prove they understand the rules of entering the info right! You DO NOT enter your email address in the box you enter the email that was sent to you from the paid to sign up you just signed up for. The conformation email! This causes me hours of extra work weekly.

I still can’t understand which e-mail should we put … I’m so worried, because I think that yesterday when I did some of the offers, I just typed in my own email address

19.11.2020 9:39

EasyAdBucks Admin

Hello Isabelle, Members submitting 1 wrong by mistake I normally just don’t approve the paid to sign up and leave it at that unless I notice them doing it daily. The people who have been suspended are submitting just there normal email address in all 20 box’s. They right way to do it it to click the banner go to the site and register if its something that you are interested in. that site will send you a welcome message to your personal email that you registered with on that site you copy and paste it into the submit box for me to see.

26.11.2020 6:01

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