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EasyAdBucks 2.0

Sorry everyone for the recent problems with EasyAdBucks - you might have been noticing some downtime.

We are currently in talks with hosting companies and programmers to launch EasyAdBucks v 2.0 =)

Expect a new version of EasyAdBucks with more earning potential and a better look in the near future.

We need a new slogan - I was thinking of a couple, here they are:

EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Now With More AdBucks


EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Now With More Easy

they’re kinda tongue in cheek, cute slogans - if you have a better one, please make a comment =)

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17 Comments on “EasyAdBucks 2.0”

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EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Now With More Easy

I like this one

10.08.2020 21:58

Elda Helsley

EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Now With More AdBucks You get more doe

10.08.2020 21:59


I actually don’t like either Slogan. Sorry, how about just :
EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Now With More Bucks!

10.08.2020 22:18


How about “More Bucks made Easier” or “Easier Ad Bucks”? Hey, just a thought.

11.08.2020 0:49

ann frame

how about easy ad bux more beneficial for you.


11.08.2020 1:05


EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Easier Than Ever
EasyAdBucks v2.0 - The Easiest Way To Earn An AdBuck
EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Easier, Newer, Better!
EasyAdBucks v2.0 - New And Improved
EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Making An AdBuck Just Got Easier

I will probably come up with some more but this was just off the top of my head.


11.08.2020 1:25

Al Buttaci

It’s easiest with EasyAdBucks, it couldn’t be easier!

11.08.2020 2:56


EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Better than Before
EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Easy Money!

simple, relevant and complete.

11.08.2020 5:18


Get More Easy Bucks With EasyAdBucks v2.0

Simple and to the point.

11.08.2020 5:55


I thought of another…”More Easy! More Ads! More Bucks!”

11.08.2020 11:41



11.08.2020 12:59


EasyAdBucks v2.0- Where the Bucks Add Up!
EasyAdBucks v2.0- Add up the Bucks!
EasyAdBucks v2.0- Buck up your Ads!
EasyAdBucks v2.0- Easier Bucks, Ads that Add up!

11.08.2020 13:34


EasyAdBucks v2.0 - Making Bucks from your Ad just got Easy-er

11.08.2020 17:55


Easier to ad more bucks with EasyAdBucks v2.0

12.08.2020 16:51


Bucking the competition out of the arena.

14.08.2020 16:09


EasyAdBucks Turbo

16.08.2020 2:32


Oh wait. Yes, I have. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have it in me right now to type it all out again. Besides, it was just ramblings anyway. You didn’t want to hear me go on and on about this, right?

11.09.2020 4:15

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