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EasyAdBucks Member Gets $50 Bonus Mail

EasyAdBucks member thanks us for getting a $50 bonus mail.

We pay you to read email, and we also send bonus mails. So keep clicking, one of these times you may get the bonus mail from EasyAdBucks!

I got this email from a gracious member, it was a very touching letter. Thank you for sending this letter to us, and here it is for everyone to read:

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the recent Bonus Email prize which I won ($50).

All too often in this world people never stop to thank others for the good things and only tend to gripe when things go bad. I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate the prize I won!

I have 2 children — an 18-yr.-old daughter, a student at Texas A&M University; and a 5-yr.-old son, a Kindergartener.

My daughter works 2 part-time jobs while attending university full-time (plus summer semesters). Even so, it’s tough to make ends meet.

All of what I earn clicking goes into my PayPal account and I have given my daughter a debit card for the account. Essentially all of my earnings are used to help keep my daughter fed, clothed, and sheltered while away from home studying.

The Bonus I received was a wonderful surprise for myself and my daughter! It enabled her to purchase a few more groceries than she otherwise would have been able to. She was out shopping at Walmart when I called to let her know about the Bonus.

At that time, she was in between paydays, had $10 left in her bank account, and $20 cash with which to buy groceries. The Bonus came at a very crucial point and consequently meant so very much.

Thank you again! I am telling all my friends about Easy Ad Bucks and hope to see them in my downline soon!

Most Sincerely Yours,

Susan M. D’Agostino

So thanks again for this touching email,

Brad Mills

admin & co-owner of EasyAdBucks

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24 Comments on “EasyAdBucks Member Gets $50 Bonus Mail”

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john beyer

Just from what I have seen and heard you guys are doing a great job keep up the great work……..

18.06.2020 17:49

David Lucas


18.06.2020 18:53

Money Maker

Hi Admin!

This is a very heartwarming letter. Thanks for all.. Me too, I received a $2.50 bonus out of nowhere. I was so surprised at that time, but this program is really cool! Cheers!

18.06.2020 18:59


Nice to see some people in this world still show gratitude. Now only if I could get summin like that HAHAHA!

18.06.2020 19:04

That is lovely

What a lovely letter! It is always nice to know that a site pays what is says it will pay, but to have someone’s day made so wonderfully is a ray of sunshine. It cheered me up just reading the letter.

18.06.2020 19:21


wow! that was one much deserved bonus! i’m happy for Susan and her kids.

18.06.2020 19:23


that is so good. i wish it will be my turn one day to win bonus mail

18.06.2020 21:02


That prize couldn’t have gone to a better place. It brought tears to my eyes reading that. Well, almost Cheers to Susan and her daughter! Love is where it’s at. And good to know that those bonus emails ARE out there… that they really do happen

18.06.2020 22:22


i just wanted to say that i think it went to a great place this time around and i hope that i will get one some day as well. it sounds as if it went to the place that it should of though. it is nice to know that they are real and people do get them. i know how hard things are at times just remember when they look the worse is when they start to get better. you have to think that or you will go nuts lol. congrats on getting that much needed money.

18.06.2020 22:54


This is too awesome. Congrats to u!

18.06.2020 23:57


God knows and will help the one who really really in need. It’s very touch, and that’s proof to me there are bonus email that catch by the one who’s in need. May be according to God I need not yet, although I already waiting for it from 3 months ago. I hope I can get Bonus email like you Susan. Congratulation Susan.

19.06.2020 0:54


hi it’s toudert from algeria.

i’m so glad to see that the prise have gone to a better place and helped someone in need to live better.The Bonus came at a very crucial point and consequently meant so very much for the receiver.Cheers to Susan and her daughter!good luck for all.

19.06.2020 9:01


Awesome, glad to hear someone that really needed it got the bonus.And good luck to Susan and her daughter.

19.06.2020 10:31


Fantastico … sono molto felice

Amazing … i’m very happy


19.06.2020 15:14

from far

i have see that ‘ Bonus Mail To Read EasyAdBucks News ‘ it’s that a bonus email ??

i work everyday and i need more to do….


19.06.2020 18:21


One day I will also win bonus mail.

20.06.2020 3:15


Congratulations on the bonus and all the best to Susan and her daughter.

20.06.2020 3:59

Inga Oz

So nice that Susan received that bonus!

21.06.2020 2:08


Very happy to hear this good new.

22.06.2020 20:16


Where is all that mail…I don’t get mail and I am a upgrade member and never get mail in my mail

22.06.2020 21:07


How wonderful! Congratulations Susan, best of luck to you and all!

23.06.2020 23:35

Denise Agin

So glad she was able to help her daughter. College is so expensive these days and every little bit helps.

25.06.2020 13:13

BharatiBhushan Nayak

Great! I am looking forward to receiving a similar type of thrill soon!

28.06.2020 19:35

Susan aka: andrea

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for all of the really nice comments about the thank you note I sent in for the $50 Bonus I received. All of your messages and well wishes really warmed my heart!

My daughter (Rhiannon) is doing well in school and squeaking by financially. She’s a beautiful girl and means the world to me! I call her “My Heart” (my son’s nickname is “My Angel” and also “My Gift From God”). I guess that’s obvious though from my email to Brad. I also submitted a pic of her to Brad to include with Testimonials, though I haven’t seen it posted yet.

As for Easy Ad Bucks — this is just the best site ever! They REALLY do send out Bonus emails, and more so, THEY PAY!!!

Keep clicking because you never know when God will Bless YOU with a Bonus like I received. It doesn’t hurt to Pray either — my husband and I moved to FL recently for a new job for him, which wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and a better education for our son — after much Prayer (and some sad, desperate tears shed), the Lord has truly Blessed us by providing work for my husband (I’m permanently disabled) and a wonderful school for our son.

If anyone cares to, your Prayers would be most appreciated that God would find a buyer for our home in GA now. If we don’t find a buyer for our home, we may have to return to GA. We hope to stay in FL because our son is getting a much better education here & much-needed help with speech and occupational therapy (he was diagnosed with Developmental Language Disorder & Neuro-Developmental Delay).

God really does answer Prayers! Easy Ad Bucks really does send Bonus emails! And now you can see that I really did write the letter above! It was not “concocted” by Admin to make you have false hopes. It is for real!

Again, many thanks for your kind words. They mean so much to me. Being permanently disabled, PTR provides me with a way to do a little extra for my children and helps relieve a little financial burden from my wonderful husband.

God’s RICHEST Blessings To All!

Susan D’Agostino

7.09.2020 7:04

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