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EasyAdBucks May Head Hunter Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the EasyAdBucks May Advertiser Referral Contest Winners!

Incredibly, the WINNER of the $100 grand prize only referred ONE PERSON to advertise at easy ad bucks.  That person spent $200 on 1 single ad and that made KITTYCAT the grand prize winner of $100.

  1. $100 kittycat (for referring $200 worth of advertising)
  2. $50 captjack81 (for referring $192.53 worth of advertising)
  3. $25 jaiduc (for referring $178.21 worth of advertising)
  4. $10 leela256 (for referring $161 worth of advertising)
  5. $10 zeppelin (for referring $154.50 worth of advertising)
  6. $10 loud1(for referring $134.50 worth of advertising)
  7. $5 kiwib (for referring $78.00 worth of advertising)
  8. $5 nothinggirl (for referring $55.30 worth of advertising)
  9. $5 cmrowland (for referring $4.80 worth of advertising)
  10. $5 nomadant (for referring $3.80 worth of advertising)

So congratulations to the winners of $200 in bonuses for referring advertisers to EasyAdBucks.

I hope that you guys are paying attention.  What this means is anyone can take the grand prize this month.

$200 in advertising referrals is nothing!  If you know someone who buys leads for a network marketing company, they probably spend $200 a week on advertising.

Tell them to come to EasyAdBucks and give us a shot - and your friend will get great advertising and you will get 10% commission on their order PLUS take the grand prize of an extra $100 for referring them!

Guys this is ANYBODY’S GAME.

Not many people are actively referring advertisers, so someone can just refer a couple of users in their downline to come and advertise here and you’d win a good chunk of change with barely any competition.

I mean look at even the 9th and 10th place finishes.  They earned under $1 in advertiser referral bonuses, but then still walked away with $5 extra because nobody is competing.

Just a hint =)  For those of you who want to make some extra cash this month, you can EASILY win the Advertiser Referral Contest simply by referring just 1 or 2 people to advertise at EasyAdBucks. 

Have a great day and happy referring!

Brad, admin & co-owner of EasyAdBucks

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I’ve promoted you on my site but I can’t force people to click the banner and sign up

3.06.2020 6:20


This site now monetised by Google Adsence , is it possible to get banners with my direct referal link to EasyAdBucks , will have 7 of interest webpages by end of month Dec.29th 2006 louded up first image one page in 6 months 1080 visits 910 friends whose comments section gives me a 500 million referal Audience ……
ArtByLetters SRXXXP

3.06.2020 7:15


I need to be getting in on these

4.06.2020 13:51

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