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EasyAdBucks Paid To Read, The Proof Is In The Pudding!

Get Paid To Read Email! 

We’d like to congratulate Scott Rasener for being our first all earnings, no bonuses, official payout! 

Scott has only read about 10 paid emails, but he managed to make it to the $10 minimum payout in 2 weeks!

Want to know why?  He advertised his link on Clixsense, and a few other cheap advertising sources, and now he’s got the largest downline with about 100 personal referrals which has grown to almost 1000 in 5 levels!

So thats proof that you don’t need to be a ‘Super Star’ or ‘Rich’ to make money online. Scott told me a lot of his members also came from upgrading early on!

You also don’t need to read a lot of e-mails to make money with us!

Scott only read 10 emails. I don’t know about you but I keep tabs on the competition. I’m a member of other Paid To Read programs where I have read over 300 emails and I STILL haven’t made the min cashout, nor have I even made decent money!

So take advantage of EasyAdBucks, we’re growing fast at almost 2500 users, tell a few friends, spend a couple bucks advertising, and you might be the next person we pay!

Thanks for being a valuable member of EasyAdBucks,

Brad Mills, admin & co-owner of EasyAdbucks

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